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Who is behind

Behind is a nearly ten-year journey through video game journalism, blogging, podcasting, livestreaming and video production. The two founders, Sascha Asendorf and Kevin Willing, jointly invoke over 16 years of experience in video game journalism.

In addition, both Sascha and Kevin have already worked and learned at various magazines. Among others as writers and genre experts at GameStar or MeinMMO.

We are also proud of our authors, who can also look back on long — sometimes even longer — careers in the industry.

Our background in Gaming Media - What makes Guided unique?

Origin of Guided: The idea for Guided was born in January 2021 from Survivethis first saw the light of day in 2014. Many may still be familiar with it as the largest German magazine in the field of survival & horror. With Guided, we want to cast off the genre shackles and leave mistakes from the past behind.

In the meantime Guided has emancipated itself from Survivethis and has overtaken our old project in all aspects. We are proud of our growing team and the friends we have made among former industry colleagues. At this point we would like to thank all the helpers, teachers, developers and authors who have accompanied us over the years. To you and all readers, therefore, a promise:

Guided is and will remain in all conscience an independent company. No corporation, no exorbitant purchase offer and no pressure for positive coverage from the developers will influence our work.

That is what we demand of ourselves: In addition, behind Guided is the claim to offer well written classic journalism a stage in part of the gaming industry again. We attach great importance to our own research and invest a lot of time in our own (unique) articles and guides, which are not available anywhere else. As a matter of principle, we stay away from Twitch, YouTube, & Influencer drama. You won’t find any news about the current scandal of Adin Ross or Logan Paul.

For us, your satisfaction is also a high priority. That’s why we have one basic principle: Criticism, comments & requests for help from the readership will always be taken seriously and answered as soon as possible.

  • Did you read a guide on our site that didn’t work for you?
  • Did you discover information in an article that is not correct?
  • Can you contribute something to the article from your own experience?

On top, we don’t censor any opinions or comments as long as they are not threatening or extremely harmful.

No matter what, you can always contact us via email or directly through the Discord server. The authors and management are guaranteed to answer and personally help you with your problem. This way we could already help dozens of readers!

What are we writing about?

– Games
– E-Sport
– Movies
– TV and Streaming Shows