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Twitch vs. JonZherka: Unjustified 90-day ban lifted

Loved by some, hated by Twitch. This is how fans of JonZherka would describe his situation after he was wrongly banned for 3 months, Twitch answered with "Our mistake, carry on". Agenda against Zherka: The...

Twitch Proves Own Double Standards: Indiefoxx Will be Back After 6th Ban

The Twitch streamer Indiefoxx has been banned from the streaming platform for the sixth time in six months. Fans scream for unfairness, others say streamers like them are ruining the platform. That's what happened: Streamer...

#FINDSARAH: Daughter of Twitch Streamer is Missing! Thousands helping

The daughter of Twitch streamer MikeyPerk disappeared a few days ago. Everyone around him is looking for her, and now his entire fanbase as well as foreign people gathering under the hashtag "#FINDSARAH". What happened?...

Twitch Blocked in Slovakia Because of a Single Streamer

Because a single streamer broadcasts his poker round, internet users in Slovakia can no longer visit Twitch.tv as it is now blocked. What happened? In Slovakia, many users rely on a VPN or the grace...

Earthquake Twitch livestream ended – This is how the streamer is

While the Twitch streamer Grechi was playing the game Dota 2 unsuspectingly, she noticed an earthquake. After she took cover, fans stayed in the dark for hours about her condition. What happened? An event has...

Ludwig is 1 Month Subathon: Charity in Focus of The Last Day Live

The Twitch streamer Ludwig has been live on Twitch for over 3 weeks and is still holding the subathon. This should now come to an end and the proceeds from the last day will...

xQc banned from GTA-RP: But it’s Not Like You Might Think

The Twitch Streamer xQc was banned from one of the largest GTA-RP servers due to trolling. But xQc and many others misunderstand the ban. What happened? Canadian Twitch streamer xQc is a little celebrity when...

MissBehavin apologizes after provocative Twitch strip

The Twitch streamer MissBehavin apologizes live after doing a Twitch strip in front of the camera a few weeks ago.

MissBehavin After Twitch-Strip: 3-Day-Ban Lifted & Still Partner

The Twitch streamer MissBehavin, who bared her best parts live, will now be banned for 3 days & will be a Twitch partner for longer.