Cyberpunk 2077 Interactive Map – All Weapons, Missions & Locations

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We have for you an interactive Cyberpunk 2077 map where you will find all the missions, weapons, clothes and locations. With the integrated filter function, you can find everything you need to survive in Nightcity in the open world.

This is Nightcity’s Cyberpunk 2077 Interactive Map

We expressly point out that this map does not come from us. The interactive map is from

These are the functions of the interactive Cyberpunk 2077 map: In the left sidebar, you will find all filter functions of the map, where you can filter for weapons, vendors, missions, or other activities in the open game world of Nightcity. The filter functions include:

  • Drop Points
  • Fast Travel
  • Vendors
    • Clothing Vendor
    • Food
    • Medpoint
    • Netrunner
    • Weapon Shop
    • Fixer
    • Junk Vendor
    • Melee Vendor
    • Ripperdoc
  • Gigs
    • Agent Saboteur
    • Search & Recover
    • Special Delivery
    • Gun for Hire
    • SOS: Merc Needed
    • Thievery
  • NCPD Scanner Hustles
  • Cyberpsychos
  • Tarot Graffiti
  • Apartments
  • Joytoys
  • Vehicles
  • Bars
  • Landmarks
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