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Interactive DayZ Map to Namalsk, Chernarus+, Livonia Deer Isle & more

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In Chernarus, Livonia and Co. it is difficult to find your way around, which is why we have included an interactive DayZ map for you here. We also explain unclear aspects of the DayZ map and give you important tips on loot and orientation.

We would like to make it clear that this map is not our own, and all credit should go towards our Partner The use of this map on other sites is not permitted without approval from the developers.

Interactive DayZ Map for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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Every DayZ Map you can choose from

DayZ Standalone

  • Chernarus+
  • Chernarus+ Touristenkarte
  • Livonia
  • Livonia Touristenkarte

Workshop Maps for DayZ

  • Namalsk
  • Deer Isle
  • Chiemsee
  • Rostow
  • Esseker
  • Takistan Plus
  • Banov
  • Swans Island
  • Pripyat
  • Iztek
  • Valning
  • Zagoria
  • Melkart
  • Stuart Island
  • Alteria
  • Yiprit
  • Vela

DayZ Mod Maps (Arma 2)

  • Chernarus Mod
  • Namalsk Mod
  • Napf
  • Origins-Taviana
  • Taviana

DayZ Livonia & Chernarus Map - All ambiguities explained

What do the Loot Zones mean? In the filters of the DayZ map to Livonia and Chernarus you can turn on the option "Loot Tier". Once activated, the map will be colored according to the Loot Tier. We have already reported on the Loot Tiers and what equipment you can find where. Briefly summarized:

  • Tier 1: Coastal areas, lots of food and tools.
  • Tier 2: Food is a bit less, you will find the first civilian weapons here.
  • Tier 3: Much less food, more outdoor clothing, military weapons
  • Tier 4: Lots of military loot, weapons and armor and Humvee
  • Tier 5: Here with is unique loot (crash sites, trains, convoys Toxic Zone)

Here are all the Loot Tiers/Zones in DayZ listed.

What are Bonfires on the DayZ map? You can set in the filters of the interactive DayZ map that you get the locations of so-called "Bonfires". These are places of interest from the Walpurgis Night event. You can warm up here, but apart from that, they have no deeper meaning.

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