Escape From Tarkov: New Event Stocks Up Merchants’ Inventory with High Tech

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The developers of Escape From Tarkov are planning another event for the shooter. At least that’s what the latest post on social media indicates, which among other things also talks about “Terminal”. An update is attached below!

What is going on? Today, April 22, 2022 the developers shared a new teaser image on social media that hints at a new event in Escape From Tarkov. The mention of “Terminal” just makes the community jump up. Fans have been expecting the Terminal map for a long time. But what’s really behind Tarkov’s latest event teaser?

Tarkov developers tease event and new map – What’s the story?

What does the teaser show? The developers shared a picture taken from a PC screen. On this screen you can see a website where someone wants to sell a used keyboard and monitor. So it is a kind of Ebay called Tarkovskaya. There is also a sticker on the monitor that says “Property of Terragroup, not for sale.”

This is clear from the translations of the community, which every time takes great pains to translate the Cyrillic texts. Among other things, the screen reads the following:

Monitor and keyboard are fine….
Monitor and keyboard work normally, but the letters R, O, P, N are scratched off. The mark that it is Terragroup property is conspicuous. Because it is not for sale I give it a lower rating.

Does the post announce an event? Even an hour later, it is still not completely clear what is behind the ominous post from the Tarkov developers. According to our experience, however, it’s an in-game event. The team has always announced the Tarkov events with posts like these.

Fans believe that this could also be a hidden announcement for the new map Terminal. But you shouldn’t get carried away by the partly big hype. ARRS Terminal is just the name of the server that the unknown character from Tarkov accesses. This is not an announcement for a map!

As soon as we have more information about the upcoming event in Escape From Tarkov, we’ll update this article. To make sure you don’t miss it, you can follow us on Facebook or Discord.

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UPDATE: This is what the developer post means

Resourceful users quickly realized after a tiny client update that the merchants in Escape From Tarkov are now selling new items. Among other things, they now deal in large calibers and high-tech technology. The event could be a preparation for the upcoming Lighthouse Trader, which, according to developers, sells the best technology in all of Tarkov.

The Tarkov traders now sell these items


  • Hex Grid Barter – 3 SSD Drive and 2 SMT

  • AACPC MOD.2 – 2 VPX and 4 SAS drives

  • Gen4 HMK – 1 Iridium and 1 Virtex

  • Gen4 Assault – 1 MGT and 1 Mcable

  • Gen4 Full – 1 AESA


  • 1 x .338 Lapua Magnum AP – 1 MGT
  • Thor IC – 1 SMT and 1 AESA
  • G28 – 1 COFDM and 2 Iridium


  • Zhuk-6a – 2 AESA
  • RGN Impact Nade – 1 Mcable
  • RGO Impact Nade – 1 MGT


  • REAP-IR – 2 COFDM and 2 SAS Drive
  • FLIR – 2 Iridium, 2 MGT and 4 Mcable


  • ETG – 1 VPX
  • MULE – 1 ASEA
  • SJ9 – 1 Virtex


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