Lost Ark live ticker – all about the delayed start, problems and queues

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The ARPG-MMO Lost Ark started on February 8, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. in the headstart. Today, February 11th, is the regular release. But it doesn’t go entirely smoothly. We report to you in the live ticker about the situation with the servers, problems, and queues.

This is what it looks like with the launch on February 11th

00:47am MEZ: The Servers are back online.

11:54pm MEZ: Lost Ark confirms none of the characters have been deleted and are available on login.

11:43pm MEZ: The devs are aware of the issue and are working on it:

11:36pm MEZ: Servers are offline again.

11:32pm MEZ: The servers are back online. However, all characters seemed to be deleted from the headstart.

11:22pm MEZ: The update is here. 3.8GB must be downloaded. If the download doesn’t start, restart your Steam client.

11:19pm MEZ: The problems have been fixed, and the servers should go back online. However, they are still offline.

9:51pm MEZ: The developers announce that each player will receive a 3-day Crystalline Aura as compensation. To get this, you must log in by February 13, 5:00pm UTC.

8:50pm MEZ: Even 3 hours later, there is still no new information about the release.

5:50pm MEZ: The servers will not go online on time, the start has to be delayed by several hours due to problems.

2:00pm MEZ: The servers have been shut down for maintenance work and are scheduled to start at 6:00 p.m. sharp for the release.

12:00pm MEZ: New characters can no longer be created on the unofficial German server Asta. Other servers are probably full too.

This is how the head start went on February 8th

Here’s what’s going on: Lost Ark launched today in the headstart and the Steam servers are on fire. Many players do not download or have issues with the game. In this live ticker, you will find out everything you need to know!

7:18pm MEZ: Many of the servers are already full and queues of up to 10000+ can be expected.

7:10pm MEZ: There are probably still players who have problems with the download. “Disk write error” is then displayed.

7:01PM MEZ: The Steam servers seem to be up and running again. Our download continues, and other players are reporting about it as well.

6:58pm MEZ: The first players report queues on the EU server Asta. Other Server may be affected too.

6:51pm MEZ: Even if there are players who believe streamers are preferred, the issue lies with Steam and streamers are also affected.

6:38pm MEZ: Players who are already in the game don’t seem to have any queues or other issues yet.

6:37pm MEZ: If you are in the game, keep your hands off your Founders Pack! This should currently lead to crashes.

6:35pm MEZ: Steam seems to be aware of the issues and is working on them.

6:10pm MEZ: Many players still seem to have problems with the download. It says “connection timed out” on Steam.

More about Lost Ark

6:05pm MEZ: If you manage to finish the download, you have to unpack almost 71 GB. Depending on the hard drive, this can take quite a long time.

6:02pm MEZ: Some players report that they have to partially re-download Lost Ark.

6:00pm MEZ: The downloads continue! Already since February 7th you can download Lost Ark, and now at 18:00 the downloads will be completed.

This is how Lost Ark describes itself on Steam: “Embark on an odyssey to the lost ark in a vast and living world: discover new lands, recover lost treasures and face gripping and action-packed battles. Set your fighting style in class or advanced class, customize your skill, weapons, and equipment, and use your skills against hordes of enemies, in epic boss fights and against dark forces in the quest for the power of the Ark in this action-packed free to play RPG.”


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