New Biomutant Trailer Shows an Incredibly Beautiful Game World

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A few minutes ago, a new trailer for the post-apocalyptic open-world RPG Biomutant was published, which stages the impressive and harmonious game world.

What happened: A new trailer for Biomutant has appeared and shows that the RPG in which you play a raccoon cat looks really chic even without super realistic graphics.

New trailer shows the beautiful game world – release soon

The trailer shows that: In the one and a half minute short trailer, the developers take us through various biomes of the Biomutant game world. At 8 km², this is only slightly smaller than Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto 4 (8.1 km²).

In this world, you not only encounter atmospheric scenes, but also many different landscapes that are supposed to merge organically into one another. But if our words can’t convince you, the trailer will surely do it!

When does it start? This world trailer should be the last spark of marketing before the launch trailer. Biomutant will be out in almost exactly one month, namely on May 25th, 2021.

This is what the community thinks about the game world: The many comments below the YouTube video of the trailer contain shocked messages. Shocked in an extremely positive sense, because this is what they write:

“… this was made by only 14 people?! [shocked Pikachu]”

“I’m already in LOVE with this game! Can’t wait to FINALLY play!”

“I was doing my Homework but this seemed more important.”

Now it’s your turn, what is your opinion on the newest world trailer from Biomutant or the game in general? Let us know in the comments below this article or discuss with our great community on Facebook!


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