Diablo 4: Error Code 300202 & Login Problems - Is there any Fix?

Published: Jun. 08, 2023
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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Diablo 4's servers are currently under a lot of stress and are causing login problems for many players with the code 300202. We'll tell you what's behind the error code and whether you can fix it yourself.

What is going on? At the moment, Diablo 4's servers are not offline. However, error 300202 is currently preventing many players from logging in. In this article we will tell you if you can do something about it and when the servers will return to normal operation.

Diablo 4 error code 300202 - "There was a problem logging in" - What can you do?

That's what's behind the error: The only thing known about the accumulating error code 300202 is that it's a server overload. The developers have not yet issued a statement via social media. In the Battlenet launcher, however, you will find a warning before starting the game that there are currently login problems.

You can probably save yourself a login attempt at the moment. If you start Diablo 4, you will first hang in the queue for about 8 minutes until you are kicked out with the message "Connecting to online services". After a short wait, the following error appears:

There was a problem logging in. (Code 300202)

What can you do about it? Since this is a server-side issue, there is nothing you can do to fix error code 300202 at this time. If there is a solution, we will update this article immediately. We will also share any messages from the developers with you here immediately after the rally. Best bookmark the article and return shortly!

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UPDATE (10:30 p.m.) - German Blizzard Customer Support responds

The German-speaking customer support of Twitter has commented on the current problems via Twitter. However, the support only writes that they are certainly aware of the problem and are working at full speed on a solution:

We are sorry for todays downtime. We are working hard on a solution!


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