Will Diablo: Immortal be Released on Switch, PlayStation and Xbox?

Published: Apr. 29, 2022
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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Diablo Immortal will not only be released for mobile devices, but also for PC. Blizzard already told us this pleasant news a week ago, but what about a release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation or Xbox? We'll now get to the bottom of this question.

Here's what we know: On April 24, 2022, developer Blizzard announced that Diablo Immortal will be released on the PC in addition to the smartphone. Then, even with a cross-play function for quickly switching back and forth between the devices. But what about Diablo Immortal on Switch, PlayStation or Xbox? Whether there is already information about it, and what speaks for it now:

This speaks for the release of Diablo Immortal on Switch, PS and Xbox.

Surprising release: Until now, Diablo Immortal was only a "Too late April Fool's joke", as one fan clearly titled it at the first presentation. After all, no one was really waiting for a mobile spin-off. Playing on the PC would still be possible, thanks to BlueStacks Launcher, which simulates an Android/IOS operating system on your computer. However, the launcher is incredibly resource-hungry.

But a few days ago, the relief came: Diablo Immortal is released as a full-fledged title on PC. There is even cross-play, which allows you to take over your progress on the fly on PC and on the go on mobile. No one expected that anymore -- just like a release for Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.


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Is Diablo Immortal coming for console? So far, it is not known whether Diablo Immortal will be available for console players. To get more specific and supposedly hurtful: There was no word on the part of the developers about a console version. But there was no such thing about the PC version either.

Diablo 3 and the recently released remake Diablo 2: Resurrected are also available for pretty much all platforms. A release of Diablo Immortal for Switch, Xbox and PlayStation could therefore only depend on the reaction of the fans.

Also, a point in favor of an Immortal on console is the supported controller input on PC. Indeed, if you want, you can play Diablo Immortal entirely with a PlayStation or Xbox controller.

When will Diablo Immortal be released? Mobile and PC players will be able to immerse themselves in the monster snow game as early as June 02, 2022. However, it is already possible to register for a pre-release version on the developer's website.

Our guess: If Diablo Immortal is well received on the PC, Blizzard could think about a version for the consoles. Again, these are unfortunately just speculations, no matter how likely or not. As soon as we have news about Diablo Immortal, we'll update this article. So to make sure you don't miss anything else, pay us a visit via our social media channels!


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