Dying Light 2 Factions – These are the Peacekeepers, Survivors and Renegades

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In the zombie parkour adventure Dying Light 2 you will have to join one of two factions as the game progresses. The Peacekeepers or Survivors. A third opposing faction, the Renegades, also exists in the game. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the three.

What you should know: In Dying Light 2, the sequel to the successful first part by Polish studio Techland, your choices will have consequences in the game’s story. Your decisions change the gaming experience so much that you will only see 50% of the main game on the first playthrough.

In the world of Dying Light 2, three factions are at war, each with quite different views. You can join a faction and complete tasks for them. However, you only have two of the three factions to choose from, as the third faction is malicious in nature and acts as a major antagonist. So decide wisely.

These are the major Dying Light 2 factions: The Peacekeepers and Survivors

The Peacekeepers

Meet the Peacekeepers: The Peacekeepers are a militant group dedicated to bringing their brand of peace to the city. Your goal is to kill all infected. For example, they illuminate all hiding places and patrol the streets.


What happens when you join them? In the course of the game, you will help your faction to conquer various territories. For example, a large swimming pool. The Peacekeepers convert the swimming pool into a training camp so that you benefit physically. So your character will become stronger, tougher, and more enduring.

So the Peacekeepers rely more on the force of arms and strength. By eradicating the infected in their areas, they flee to neighboring areas and become more dangerous in numbers.

  • Better Weapons
  • More strength
  • clean areas
  • Neighboring areas will be contaminated
  • Less mobility
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Meet the Survivors: As the name suggests, this faction is simply about survivors who do everything they can to lead a normal life in the apocalypse. They want to build a new society and are less interested in fighting.


What happens when you join them? Using the previous example with the swimming pool, the Survivors use the swimming pool to establish a plantation to produce biofuel from the plants. So you will be able to refuel your vehicles and continue driving them.

As the Survivors tend to avoid combat, they devise methods to get through the city differently. You use them to unlock new ways of getting to your destination quickly.

  • More mobility thanks to vehicles
  • More ways to get from A to B
  • Zombies aren’t all that concentrated in one area
  • You’ll get down faster in combat

This is the opposite faction: The Renegades

The third faction, which you cannot join yourself, is called the Renegades. They represent the “bad guys” in Dying Light 2 and you will encounter them again and again during various quests. However, how you deal with them is also up to you.


The Renegades are heavily armed and basically want nothing more than to rule the entire city. They also do not shy away from armed violence. Unlike the Peacekeepers, however, the Renegades give no warning, they just start shooting. Anyone who doesn’t belong to them is an enemy.

YouTuber NickTay summed it all up nicely:


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