First Tests of Dying Light 2 are Divided: From "Quite Okay" to "Great"

Published: Feb. 02, 2022
Updated: Feb. 02, 2022

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Dying Light 2 will be released in a few days for PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, but already the review embargo has fallen and magazines around the world are posting their reviews. summarizes a cross-section of these reviews for you. Already now we reveal: Dying Light 2 will be received extremely divided. 

When will Dying Light 2 be released? On February 04, 2022, the time has finally come and the zombie adventure continues. The developers have even published an official release map that shows the times for the release. In our article, we show what different testers think of Dying Light 2.

This is what reviews around the world have to say about Dying Light 2

Here's a general sentiment: in all the reviews we're taking a look at here, one opinion clearly stands out: Dying Light 2 is okay, but certainly not a masterpiece.

However, some very negative reviews also deal with the story behind the game and the development team: we didn't pay attention to these and give the advice not to do so either.

GamesRadar: "A great game, usually also a good game" gives 3.5/5 stars and writes (via

"Dying Light 2 offers a wonderful open-world playground for zombie survival. It weakens for it with a meaningful story and significant decisions."

Play3: "Frustration and pleasure are close to each other in Dying Light 2". gives 8/10 points and writes (via

"As much as we liked the parkour gameplay in combination with the city layout in particular, we were also bothered by the sluggish game progress and the less than original mission design. [...] Especially the main story is convincing with its solid characters and the decision options. The fact that we even shape the image of the city with them underlines our own actions and motivates."

PlayFront: "Better in every respect, but also a big flaw" give 8.6/10 points and writes (via

"Especially the further developed movement system is convincing. [...] The story seems long-winded at the beginning and only convinces from about the second third. [...] The graphical presentation, on the other hand, is unfortunately difficult to get used to on the new consoles. [...] Personally, the RPG elements can be cut back again."

IGN: "It's more game than story." gives 7/10 points and writes (via

"Dying Light 2 is an ambitious zombie action-adventure. Packed with super parkour and a stunning open world. Regrettably, there are some annoying bugs. Perhaps in the future it will be the perfect zombie adventure it should be!"

More about Dying Light 2

For whom is Dying Light 2 worthwhile?

Dying Light 2 is received differently by testers. The game seems to be primarily aimed at players who have been waiting for a cool open world with cool parkour interludes.

The story, on the other hand, is rarely highlighted positively. Nevertheless, some magazines report that the story and the characters in Dying Light 2 have increased in excitement and personality, especially compared to the first part.

Dying Light 2 seems to be a must-buy for all zombie fans. Fans of the first Dying Light can also buy it without hesitation.

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