GTA 6: Game Development Allegedly Almost Completed

Published: Jan. 31, 2023
Updated: Jan. 31, 2023

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A few days before the announced release of Take Two's next financial report, the rumor mill around GTA 6 is bubbling up again. Allegedly, Rockstar has already completed most of the work on the open-world title and is planning a large-scale trailer release soon.

What's going on? Rumors are currently circulating that work on GTA 6 is already well advanced. In addition, Rockstar is said to be planning an official unveiling of the game soon.

Is GTA 6 Already “Content Complete”?

What about the development of GTA 6? A leaker, who is on Twitter under the handle @NEWSLEAKSGTAS and runs his own Discord server on the topic of GTA 6, claims that the development of GTA 6 is already in its final stages:

Rockstar is only fixing bugs and slowly preparing the game for release. He refers to information from leaked videos of GTA 6, in which the names of the .exe files of individual builds can be seen. There is explicit talk of beta and debug builds. This again suggests that the game might already be “content complete” and that Rockstar has already finished developing the title content.

If this assumption is correct, Rockstar will focus on weeding out bugs. A release in 2024 would therefore be quite conceivable.

Official GTA 6 Unveiling is Probably Imminent

When can we finally expect the first trailer? Recently, a leak had already surfaced, according to which Rockstar is preparing a teaser trailer in which we see, among other things, the potential main character of GTA 6 during a sports session in prison. There is more evidence that Rockstar might release the first official trailer for the open-world game very soon.

Clay Griffin, an analyst at MoffettNathanson, hinted that Take Two will make some new announcements regarding the upcoming financial report. This is likely to include GTA 6, which Griffin says is “probably the most anticipated video game ever.”

How credible are the leaks and rumors? The credibility of @NEWSLEAKSGTAS is currently difficult to judge. After all, the leaker has not otherwise attracted attention with correct predictions. However, the interpretations of the builds of GTA 6 refer to leaked gameplay material, the authenticity of which is considered certain.

In addition, several sources have independently reported that the big unveiling during the financial report could be imminent. The fact that Rockstar has created a page on Chinese YouTube also indicates an imminent release of new information about the game.

Incidentally, Take Two's financial report is expected on February 6, 2023. So Rockstar might release a trailer for GTA 6 in that context. If that happens, you'll find out soon here on Guided.

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