Icarus: Second beta weekend strikes like lightning – everything about the beta

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The new survival title from DayZ creator Dean Hall is in beta. You can already test Icarus on a total of six beta weekends. You can find out here why the second beta weekend came in a flash, what the beta can do, and which other beta weekends are coming.

That’s going on: Since September 10, you can play the second beta phase of the upcoming survival title Icarus as a pre-order-bonus. According to Steamcharts, over 7,600 players in Peak have already embarked on an adventure, and we will tell you what to expect.

What kind of game is Icarus? Icarus is a session-based PVE survival game. You compete alone or with up to 8 players against a hostile environment and try to make your big financial fortune in a sci-fi gold digger frenzy.

Icarus in beta

How is the beta going? The beta phase takes place in the form of a total of six beta weekends. If you buy the game, you can go into the game for two days every 14 days and try out one aspect. This allows developers to test their servers under load, collect feedback and generate attention for the game.

Test phase for players: According to the developer FAQ, the beta hours of play are not counted towards your Steam time. The time within which you can return a Steam game only starts to tick after the release.

What are the main focuses on the beta weekends?

  • The first weekend: gathering resources, exploring, base building and hunting in the forest biome were on the program. It was about getting to know the game mechanics on Icarus.
  • Beta Weekend 2: On this second weekend, violent storms are approaching that can damage and tear down buildings. Lightning strikes cause fires.The developers have surprisingly brought the second beta weekend forward by 24 hours and extended it. So you can start right away. The playable area of the map has increased significantly. But your radar has failed and the in-game map is not available. This map of Icarus right here is all you got.

  • Beta Weekend Three: On September 25th and 26th, you will switch to the next biome in the beta. You no longer end up in the forest, but in the Arctic. Here you have to prepare well. More aggressive animals and freezing temperatures will be the challenges.
  • Weekends four to six: After the ice, it’s time for a weekend in the desert biome. Then the mission system is presented, in which you take on missions for the various factions on Icarus. At the end there should be community challenges and competitions.

What kind of world does Icarus play in?

In the game, there are protective suits, an orbital station, and drop-ship shuttles. That sounds like a space game at first. At the same time, you end up in a classic survival scenario, looking for firewood and a dry place to sleep.

What happened? The planet Icarus was the hope of mankind. Terraforming was supposed to create second earth, but something went wrong. Terribly crooked. The atmosphere is tilted and poisonous, the settled animals have mutated and are now extremely aggressive. Storms rage over the planet and people live in an orbital station. Actually, nobody would end up here voluntarily.


And why are you landing? Exotic matter is the new gold. And there are great deposits on Icarus. They arouse the interest of powerful corporations and parliamentary groups. As a dispensable soldier of fortune, you come at the right time. You can be hired by factions for certain jobs, acquire mining rights, and end up on the planet.

Photon rifle and lightsaber? No. Payload is heavy and expensive in space. And you’re a poor eater at the beginning. A spacesuit and an oxygen tank are all you wear on your body. You are a Stone Age person in the spaceship when you land on the planet with your shuttle. Your first piece of equipment is a stone ax and stone pickaxe.

The survival formula in the game

Survive – Explore – Craft – Escape: The developers of RocketWerkz themselves have published this formula for their game as a guide. But what do these terms mean?


Everything wants to kill you: You land without equipment, on a planet where (almost) everything wants to kill you: predators, the weather, even the air is poisonous. So it only seems fair that you don’t actually die during the mission time, but only lose equipment and experience points. Maybe a multiplayer player will save you too. Then you can keep your stuff.

Protection, water, food, fire: these survival basics also apply to Icarus. The first thing you need to do is make some simple tools. If you can’t find water, there may be other sources of fluids. As long as you can’t build a building, one of the caves will help you.


Caution! You really have to be careful with the fire on Icarus. Some players have already burned their houses and started whole forest fires.

Learning and development: If you mine, kill, or collect something on the planet, you will get experience points for it. After each level up you can put that into your character’s abilities: more life energy, less rapid spoilage of food in your inventory, or more meat when carving up animals. The development opportunities are very complex and diverse.


Huge world: The world of Icarus is large and diverse. The developers created them manually. So it is always the same and there are no procedurally created random worlds. Only the accessibility of caves is not always identical – at least not in the beta phase.

Three (or four?) Types of biomes: During the beta phase, you will get to know three biomes:

  • Forest: temperate climate, lots of game, bodies of water, rivers, and waterfalls. This shapes the forest biomes that we got to know in the previous beta.
  • Snow: Here you have to constantly watch your body temperature. In addition, there are likely to be even more dangerous wild animals. Only one thing is there: water – if you can make a fire to melt the ice that surrounds you.

  • Desert: It gets hot here. Water not only helps you against thirst but also cools you down.
  • Swamp or jungle? There are a few screenshots (for example, the thumbnail of this video from the developers; via YouTube) that look like they are playing in another biome. But that doesn’t seem to be part of the beta.

Icarus könnte auch ein Sumpf- oder Urwald-Biom haben. In der Beta taucht das aber vermutlich nicht auf.

The goal of your pursuit: Why do you wander across the world? You want to discover the places where you can mine exotic matter. You can research technologies in the orbital station that really help you on the surface.


Technology and crafting: You also go through technological leaps on the surface. With every level of experience, you can unlock new blueprints. After starting with Stone Age tools, you can work on Icarus bones, leather, and fur in the next stage (via klabbi.info). Use it to create better weapons, tools, and furnishings.

Metal and technology: With each expansion stage, you become more progressive. You will gradually learn to melt down metal ores and use them to make advanced tools. Firearms also find their way into the game at this stage of development.


Time pressure: Icarus is session-based. For every mission that you accept, you acquire the mining rights to a claim, i.e. an area. However, they expire after a specified period of time. Then your shuttle takes off again. With you or without.

This is how Permatdeath works: And here is the point at which you need a new character. If you miss the departure of your shuttle, you’ll stay on Icarus and die. Then you failed to escape in time (and with a fat booty of exotic material). In this way, you not only lose the resources that you carry with you, but also all development steps that your character has made on the planet. You should only be able to “inherit” the treasures on the space station.

Real-Time: Another specialty is the session duration of a mission, which is given in real-time. This also runs in real-time. Whether you play now or pause.

Icarus: Du hast es nicht geschafft! Das Dropship ist ohne dich abgeflogen. Das bedeutet Permadeath.

When is the full version coming?

Roadmap is in place: The release of the finished game is planned for November 20th two weeks after the end of the beta. We will see how it develops, and we will keep you updated.

What do you think of the game, leave us a comment below.

Beta disclaimer: This post is based on the beta version at the end of August 2021 and a few sources from the second beta weekend. If things work differently for you than described here, the game has evolved over the course of the beta.


  1. Just caught the last few hours of the Beta2 wkend. Like it so far as I got 🙂 A bit perplexed as to why the worlds are not random, ie. ‚The developers created them manually. So it is always the same and there are no procedurally created random worlds‘ This will be boring after a while…. as per game Satisfactory.


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