It will take you 500 hours to complete Dying Light 2

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The developers of Dying Light 2 shared some interesting pieces of information on social media. It should take at least 500 hours to play through the survival parkour title.

This is how long you need to play through Dying Light 2: As the Polish developer Techland announced on social media, you will need at least 500 hours to play through Dying Light 2. The survival title with thousands of parkour animations will appear on February 4, 2022.

You only require 500 hours if you complete all side missions and story quests, reach each end and explore all corners of the game world. Just because of the freedom and the choices in various quests that affect the entire course of the game, you have to play the game at least twice anyway to see everything.

Dying Light 2 playtime

The developers compare the game time on the social media post with the time it takes you to walk from Warsaw to Madrid. 500 hours is a lot for a story-related game, but you can also discover a lot in DL2, and slicing zombies is always fun, especially in 4-player co-op.

This is how long you need to play through Dying Light 2 normally: According to Techland, you will need less than 100 hours to play the game normally, experience the story, and, based on your decisions in the first playthrough, only see half of the game.

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