Lost Ark: Helgaia Pet is back – How to get the twitch drop

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In Lost Ark you can get a Helgaia Pet again. All you have to do is watch your favorite streamer play the game. Guided.news now tells you what exactly you can get and what you have to do for it.

What’s available now? On Twitter, Lost Ark developer Smilepod announces that the popular pets, the Helgaia are coming back. The little birds are popular with players, in part because of their appearance. They strongly remind of the Chocobos from the Final Fantasy universe. Now we’ll tell you if the animals have another purpose and how you can get them.

How to get your Helgaia Pet in Lost Ark (28.02)

What is the purpose of the birds? Similar to the rabbit you get at the beginning of your Lost Ark journey, your Helgaia Pet also collects the items your enemies drop. Also — and this is the most important aspect — they look pretty darn cuddly and are almost unique.

In fact, if you watch a Twitch stream for 4 hours, you won’t get a bird. You get a box, from which you get a random Helgaia Pet. There are four different Helgaia Pets in total:

  • Red with red eyes
  • Yellow with yellow eyes
  • Black-blue with blue eyes
  • Black-purple with purple eyes


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This is how you get the pet: To get your Helgaia Pet, you simply have to watch a streamer on Twitch for around four hours. However, this doesn’t apply to all streamers, but a certain list of prescribed channels. The developer will share this list in the coming hours.

However, it’s enough if you know to look out for the “!Drops” or “Drops Active/Active” label on Twtich streams. Beforehand, you need to connect your Steam account to Twitch. You can do this easily via the Lost Ark website.

If you want to get your Helgaia Pet for Lost Ark in time, you’ll have to hurry. The twitch drops are only active for 24 hours. The event ends already today, on February 28, at 18:00 CET (German time). After that, you’ll have to be patient. The Helgaia Pet will not reappear too soon.



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