Lost Ark May 13th Maintenance – When will the servers be back on?

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Developer Smilegate is currently working on the Lost Ark servers. We’ll tell you how long the maintenance work on the Lost Ark servers will last and whether there will be any delays.

Why we need maintenance work: Lost Ark servers are offline this morning. This is due to a Lost Ark hotfix update.

Lost Ark Server offline: How long will the maintenance work take?

When does it continue? In the official forum, developer Smilegate and publisher Amazon announced today, May 13, that maintenance work will start soon. So you don’t have to worry that the servers are broken or simply down. The servers are coming back online later today, and these are the exact times:

  • Start of maintenance work: 12:00 AM PT, May 12th
  • End of maintenance work: 05:00 AM PM PT, May 12th

Are there any delays? Currently, it is not known whether the maintenance work will be extended. However, with 5 hours and only one hotfix, the risk of delays is rather low. However, we can’t say exactly.

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