PUBG will Get Bigger Updates That Must be Splitted

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The Battel Royale game PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) should soon receive gigantic updates that bring so much content that they will appear split up. All about it now!

Update plans: The “Alex the PUBG-Dev” account shared news about PUBG’s upcoming update policy via Twitter. Here he mentions that the strategy behind it should change significantly and that there will be significantly more content per patch.

This is what PUBG updates will be like in the future

That is promised: As already mentioned, a PUBG internal commented on the upcoming updates on Twitter. These should be larger than the previously published patches for PUBG.

There should be a lot more content per update. Strictly speaking, so much that it doesn’t have to be released as an update, but has to be released in quick succession. There should be more maps, weapons, and cosmetics than ever before.

So far only the big content patch has been uploaded, then a smaller hotfix with the ending “XX.1”. In the future, however, there will also be “XX.2” patches which should bring further content after the error has been corrected. This then increases the general output of new content for PUBG.

When does it start? Alex does not specify a time period or date. The only thing that suggests a very rough release is that it says “upcoming seasons”. The 11th season is probably already over.

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