PUBG Mobile Update 2.5: New Event & Game Modes - Patch Notes

Published: Mar. 15, 2023
Updated: Nov. 07, 2023

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PUBG Mobile Update 2.5 has been released and shows you the most important changes, new content and much more from the patch notes in this article.

The update at a glance: The focus of the latest PUBG Mobile update is the variance of the game. New game modes will be introduced, even away from Battle Royale. In addition, the mobile game now adapts more to its competitor Fortnite. More about that later. You can also dust off new items and enjoy a lot of the new content we're about to reveal:

The PUBG Mobile update is once again divided into two variants: On the one hand, there are improvements and innovations to the classic game. On the other hand, there is the colorful side of PUBG, which come with fun modes and are meant to attract players away from Battle Royale.

All the new features in classic PUBG Mobile - items, game modes & more

New Attachment: You can equip both the DP28 and the M249 MG with a weapon shield. This gives you extra protection, with two metal plates covering the right and left sides of your weapon. At the supply store, the weapon shield costs 10 bucks.

Supply Shops: Speaking of Supply Shops, they are now available in the following game modes and maps:

  • Miramar
  • Vikendi
  • Sanhok
  • Payload game mode

Adjustments to game modes: direct transition again, Payload mode now gets armored support. In Payload, you can now summon a tank, drive it, and fire it. In Metro Royale, on the other hand, there are various adjustments that affect item drops or the mechanics as well as boosts through them. Creation Mode also gets additional options, new emotes, and outfits.

Other improvements:

  • parachuting has been improved.
  • Monster trucks are playable on Miramar.
  • Carrying teammates has been improved.
  • Improvements to throwing objects like grenades.
  • The NS2000 shotgun is now available on Livik.


Mario Kart and Fortnite greet you - these new game modes are coming

This is WOW: The PUBG Mobile Update 2.5 brings the new feature WOW, spelled out World of Wonder. Here you will always find new crazy game modes in the future. You can also create and expand your own maps here. Among other things, you can build car races or parkour maps on which other players have to prove themselves to the end.

Imagiversary explained: another new game mode is the Imagiversary. On the specially built map you can explore and discover squeaky-colorful areas. In Imagiversary you play Battle Royale, but not in the classic PUBG mobile sense. This mode is much more reminiscent of competitor Fortnite. You can set up barricades, ramps and walls, use trampolines to jump across the map or shoot yourself with cannons.

Also, in this game mode there is the so-called Supply Converter. Here you insert two items and let yourself be surprised by what combination is spit out. Among other things, you can combine gasoline with a grenade and get a fire grenade out of it.

New event "Nusa Tycoon" lets you build your own island empire

The latest event Nusa Tycoon puts you in control of the eponymous island of Nusa, which was introduced a few months ago as an intensive mini-map. Here you'll build your own city, hotels, ports and mines to make the island richer and richer. With each upgrade, the appearance of your island changes in the overview and in the lobby. By playing PUBG Mobile 2.5, you can collect the corresponding currency that you need to upgrade the island buildings. The more you upgrade your island by the end of the Nusa Tycoon event, the higher your reward will be.


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