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Rust Halloween Event 2021: This is what awaits you in the “Darkness Falls” event

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Rust will also have a Halloween event in 2021 called “Darkness Falls”. We look at all the information and summarize it for scary friends like you!

What kind of event is that? Not only genre representatives like DayZ, Ark: Survival Evolved and Hunt Showdown scare players with various Halloween events. In 2021, Rust players will also get together again on Halloween to hunt candy and monsters. A first trailer already reveals some content:

  • Ore veins turn into spider eggs, cemetery crosses and gravestones
  • Frankenstein crafting
  • Frankenstein NPC companion
  • Halloween items and skins
  • Much more (update to come)

Tinker monsters for the Rust Halloween 2021 event – This is what awaits you

When does the event start? The Rust Halloween Event 2021 starts on October 28th and ends on November 4th. This gives you around a week of scary fun with your friends.

How to get Frankenstein: In addition to well-known content, you will also find a new addition this year. With the Frankenstein monster you can build your own bodyguard.

All you need is the Frankenstein table, which will appear with the next Rust update. You switch this table in the workbench level 1 and 200 metal fragments for research.

You can then find different body parts during the Halloween event. All you have to do is put them together on the table and supply it with electricity – pull the lever and tada, your eerie companion is there.


Are there new opponents again? Yes, the scarecrows and chainsaw mummies will return in 2021 as well. But they certainly don’t want anything sweet, they only distribute sour treats with nightly attacks.

Developer Facepunch equips the horror opponents with different weapons. So you should be prepared for anything. If you manage to defeat a mummy or a scarecrow, you can take some of their loot:

  • food
  • weapons
  • Materials and raw materials
  • Halloween Items


More Halloween Events 2021

These are the Halloween skins: Said Halloween items are sometimes only available for real money in the Rust Item Shop. That means: If you lose it, you have to steal it again from an opponent or buy it.

For friends of fancy weapons and armor, there are currently eerily cool Halloween offers thanks to weekly skins: You can buy a zombie AK or a hammerhead zombie.


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