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Cultists Overrun Tarkov in the Halloween Event 2021: All You Have to Know

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On TikTok, the developers of Escape From Tarkov shared a short clip that should usher in the Halloween event 2021. That teasers the content and finally promises new Twitch drops.

What does the video show? In the developers’ TikTok video, you follow a PMC sneaking through a dark factory. This factory hall is only sparsely lit by candlelight. Only when he comes across a red key card does he look carefully into the camera. Important aspects that you should consider here are:

  • Red key card
  • People in dark robes behind the PMC
  • Announcement of an event
  • Announcement of special Twitch drops

When does it start? The Tarkov Halloween Event 2021 starts on October 31st and ends on November 1st. That is not a lot of time, which speaks for a somewhat flatter event.

What happens in the event? It appears that the cultists will be unleashed on the Tarkov players during the Halloween event, this year. What exactly they will do is not yet known. Well-known streamers and YouTubers assume that the cultists will increasingly roam freely on the map or on one map in particular.

Due to the prominence of the red key card, the event could also be limited to the Labs card. That would not affect the flow of the game for the rest of the players and would miss the event of a certain goal.

If you’ve never had contact with a cultist before, then you can expect an interesting afternoon. Cultists are by far the most difficult opponents to kill in Tarkov. Not because they can withstand so many bullets, but because they sneak around like ghosts and attack you out of nowhere.

What exactly the rewards of the event will be is also still unclear, but developer Battlestate Games will soon be able to provide that via Twitter, Instagram or TikTok – for whatever reason the latter platform was needed. Should there be any news, we will of course update this article immediately.

More about Tarkov

Tarkov Halloween Event 2021 also brings Twitch drops

In the shared video on TikTok, you can also read that there should be Twitch drops for the duration of the event. As always, you can get this by watching one of your favorite streamers. The only requirement that they have to meet is to activate the drops on their own account.

How to get Twitch Drops:

  • Link your Twitch account with Tarkov and authorize this.
  • Activate the setting within your battlestate-games-account.
  • Watch a streamer for at least 1 hour, but activate the sound!


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