Conan Exiles – Where to find Crystals

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Crystals are one of the many resources you are able to collect in Conan Exiles and its used to craft items such as glass and dragon powder. However, as there are multiple ways to collect glass we will guide you through it.

Different locations

As there are different ways of collecting crystals its a good idea to avoid confrontation with dangerous monsters or locations. In the beginning,  Hanumans Grotto is the best place to search as you will only encounter a few imps. These monsters are fairly easy to beat with the starting weapons, and the cave is full of collectible crystals.

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Der erste Fundort von Kristall im Süden der Conan Exiles Karte.
On the map, you can see the exact location of Hanumans Grotto.

Another way to get crystal is by clearing one of the barbarian camps located around the map. The crystals are often located in chests or in the inventory of the barbarians. However, to clear the camps you will need better weapons and armor than just your stone sword.

Why would we collect crystals?

We already mentioned that crystals are one of the resources to make dragon powder and that it’s needed to make glass. However, its also required to make the radium gem which is used to build the radium gem standing and wall torch. In addition, its also needed for the crafting of the map room, which requires fifty crystals.

If you care more about food than items and rooms, its good to know that you can make salt by grinding the crystals, which will give you access to various meals in Conan Exiles.

In the end, crystals are relatively easy to find in the barbarian world. Yet, we hope our guide helped you find them even faster!


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