Escape From Tarkov Error 213: How to Fix the Problem

Published: Dec. 16, 2020
Updated: May. 06, 2022

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The Escape From Tarkov Error 213 is known to many players of the tactical survival shooter. In this article, we will show you what it means & how to get rid of it!

Tarkov's many mistakes: Although Escape From Tarkov has been playable for more than five years, it is still far from error-free. A reassuring example for some angry fans: Cyberpunk 2077 is still pretty broken even after 8 years of development.

In this article we will focus on the Error 213 from Escape From Tarkov. This has been with players for a long time. Now do we tell you what it means and how to fix it?


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Escape From Tarkov Error 213: How Can You Fix It?

What does the error mean? The error code 312 is self-explanatory, because as a text description it states:

"error connecting to the auth server"

Put simply, this means that Escape From Tarkov is unable to connect to the authentication servers. But What can you do? There are basically only two ways to fix Escape From Tarkov Error 213:

  • Wait & play something else
  • Search the net forever & can't find a fix - actually no solution.

As frustrating as this mistake might be, there is really nothing you can do about it. Because as already mentioned above, this is usually not an error that is triggered by your game client. The problem is not yours, but the Escape From Tarkov official servers.

Still, it's not impossible that your connection could be faulty. Not always, but most of the time it's the servers. However, if you are not sure and would rather check what exactly is causing the Error 213, you can find out via the website

escape-from-tarkov-downdetectorWhy does the error appear so often?

There are several reasons why the Error 312 in Escape From Tarkov can appear. The most likely are:

  • Server crashes
  • Updates or hotfixes are applied
  • Hacker attacks (very rare case)
  • Too big rush of players
  • Maintenance work on the servers

The conclusion: Error 312 in Tarkov can only be resolved by checking the Tarkov server via Down Detector and being patient. This error will continue to occur in the future if one of your teammates has this problem, but you can now explain to him what is wrong.

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