Ark Taming Ichthyosaurus: Tips & Tricks for Behavior & Fear

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In this guide we will show you how you can tame the Ichthyosaurus in Ark. You will also learn something about his behavior and his fears.

What can the dinosaur do? The Ichthyosaurus is a useful and quick companion of the waters. He can’t take or give out a lot, but his speed is convincing. So it is well suited to explore the underwater world  and is easy to tame the Ichthyosarus in ark.

ARK: Taming Ichthyosaurus – Here’s how

Taming of the Ichthyosaurus is very easy. For this you simply have to place meat in the last item slot, then you can simply feed the animal. His favorite kibble is made from dodo eggs.

Taming Ichthyosaurs Level 30 in Ark

  • kibble: 16 minutes of taming time
  • Raw meat: 1 hour 30 minutes taming time

However, you have to make sure that it doesn’t swim away from you, which unfortunately can happen during the taming of ichthyosauros. Also, be careful that there are no megalodons around. This drives away the coveted dinosaur immediately.

ark-Ichthyosaurus-zaehmenThis is how the Ichthyosaurus behaves in Ark

Wild ichthyosaurus

Ichthyosaurus curiosa is a comparatively small carnivore of the island’s waters. He is a little bigger than a human, but small compared to the other beings in the water. He is very interested in creatures of his size and often follows people while swimming.

Tamed Ichthyosaurus

There is no better mount to start off with for exploring the island’s waters. Ichthyosaurus is a very fast swimmer. Even in the deepest waters, he’s always by your side, trying to find out what you’re doing. Taming them is relatively easy: since they love people, you can simply feed them without using force.

Known Information: Contrary to its appearance, Ichthyosaurus is neither a fish nor a mammal. Like many of the other marine creatures, it is an aquatic reptile.


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