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The original map of the zombie survival hit DayZ is still popular. The DayZ Chernarus Map offers big cities, small villages, a lot of forest and a few military sites. We’ll tell you where the best loot is.

DayZ made the survival genre big and now offers a variety of maps to choose from. But Chernarus is still popular, you have to know that:

  • Map size: 225 km²
  • Number of cities: 8
  • Number of villages: 39
  • Number of military outposts: 6

DayZ Chernarus Map

The map comes from our partner Izurvive |

This is the map: The Chernarus Map is 225 km², but is separated from the sea in the east and south. There are effectively around 160 km² of play area available. The spawn points are also set along the coast, where new players quickly meet loot in the larger cities, but also meet numerous opponents.

Where can you get the best loot?

The best loot in DayZ Chernarus is away from the big cities. The coast is quickly farmed empty of new players and fresh spawns. Inland you will often find more objects and especially the airports and military bases, as well as the helicopter crash sites, offer the best loot in the game.

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The main DayZ cities and places

  • Chernogorsk: Cherno in the south is surrounded by several villages and therefore offers a lot of space for loot. Cherno also offers a focal point for PvP, here a number of players gather.
  • Elektrozavodsk: The second largest city in the south of Chernarus has a large port on the coast. There is less going on here than in Cherno. Nevertheless, there are many players and zombies here.
  • Berezino: Berezino is to the east of the map and is also a good place to collect your first loot.
  • Zelenogorsk: Zelenogorsk is located in the southwest of the map, further inland. About 2.3 km northwest is a military base that screams at Loot.
  • Krasnostav: Krasnostav in the north of the map is particularly interesting because of its airport and the military boat.
  • Stary Sobor: Stary Sobor is a small town in the center of Chernarus. A provisional military camp is located on site.
  • Solnichniy: The coastal city in the east, like Berezino, is suitable for getting the first loot.
  • Balota: Balota is located near Chernarus. The former airport was turned into a large military base and has been providing plenty of PvP action among players ever since.
  • NW Airport: The largest airports in Chernarus are in the northwest of the map, south of Novaya Petrovka. It’s often hot here, and military loot beckons as a reward.
  • Novodmitrovsk and the surrounding area: The largest city in the north and the surrounding villages / towns offer plenty of space for loot. However, the high-rise in Novodmitrovsk provides the perfect starting point for snipers, so be careful here.

Do you have any favorite places in Chernarus? Which corners can you recommend for a base or where does the best PvP take place? So in the comments!


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