DayZ M3S Truck: Tips & Tricks You Have to Know

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The M3S truck is back in the game thanks to DayZ Update 1.10. Today we will show you some tricks, tips, and tricks that the game will never reveal to you!

What is the M3S? The new old truck, which was called V3-S in the previous version, is a truck from the Soviet era, which was apparently also used in the fictional country of Chernarus. It was announced with the release trailer of the Livonia DLC. But it didn’t come back until Update 1.10.

In contrast to before, however, it no longer serves the purpose of transporting as many players as possible at once.

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What You Need to Keep an Eye on With The M3S in DayZ

Not that obvious: Apparently, DayZ always seems to have the right answer ready itself. It should work like this, but as you can see in our guides, that is not the case. Oftentimes, you have to dig deeper to get important information. In the case of the M3S truck from DayZ, we’ll do it for you!


1. What to Use The M3S for in DayZ right now?

What kind of transport? The M3S truck is apparently intended to transport something or someone – normally that’s what trucks are for. In the current DayZ version 1.10, this no longer applies to people. Because only two players can drive in the truck at the same time.


In older versions, up to 12 people could be transported in the M3S (V3-S). Today, the truck in DayZ is more of an unbelievably good aid when setting up or moving a base.

The M3S is also a good choice if you need to farm or store many goods at once. In fact, it can transport the following materials on its loading area:

  • 50x tree logs
  • 100x wooden planks
  • 40x sheet metal
  • 4x barrels (empty)
  • 4x wooden crates (empty)
  • Additional 600 inventory spaces

2. How to get the M3S truck up and running

It’s that simple: To get the new M3S truck ready to go in DayZ, you need fewer items than with any other vehicle. For example, while you need a car battery, wheels, radiator, spark plug, water, and gas for an Ada 4×4, the needs for the M3S look like this:

  • Truck battery
  • Wheels
  • Gas

That’s all you need to get the truck to roll. This does not mean that the battery is its Achilles heel.


3. How to stop the M3S truck in DayZ

These are the weak points: The M3S truck in DayZ has several weak points. These include the tires. But if you want to make a truck inoperable as quickly as possible, shoot the battery.
After just four hits from a 5.56 caliber or three hits from a larger caliber, the M3S will stop immediately.

But it can be way easier: Shoot the driver. The versatile vehicle is losing out in terms of personal protection. Not even the engine block of the truck protects its occupants. You can even fire through the entire rear plus the cargo area.

How to improve the armor: If you are sitting in the M3S yourself and want to protect your cute bum from the incident mentioned above, you can attach tires behind the driver’s cab.

All you have to do is open the flaps between the loading area and the driver’s cab. Then you add a single tire for M3S from both sides. These offer you some protection from fire from behind.


4. Combine M3S truck tires

How it works: The truck not only needs simple tires. Double tires should be attached to the rear. You can easily create these by combining two normal wheels. Otherwise, we wish you good luck to move this DayZ M3S Behemoth.

You can then only separate this double tire with a lug wrench. So you get two single tires again.


5. How to never get run over by the M3S

Don’t run away: It sounds suicidal and counterintuitive when we advise you not to run away from an approaching truck. The point is that the DayZ M3S truck is jacked up high enough that you can just throw yourself under it without getting harmed — at least if you do it right.

We do not guarantee that you will survive if you land right under a tire. With the weight of the truck, you will certainly not survive that, so try to get under the center of the M3S. If you then reappear behind the rear, you can give the mad driver a treat.

Do you know more tips? Do you have any tips and tricks that we overlooked? Then let us and other readers know in the comments or below the Facebook post!


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