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Published: Mar. 17, 2023
Updated: Mar. 17, 2023

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The Dead Space Remake is currently the talk of the town and has received many good reviews. To let you know how many chapters the game has and how long it will take you to play through, we have summarized everything for you here.

Here's the deal: The Dead Space series hasn't seen a new game in over 10 years. Even if it could come up with many fans. That makes the release of the remake of Dead Space 1 a few days ago all the nicer. Since it is a remake, there are hardly any changes in content. We'll tell you how many chapters there are, and as a bonus, there's an Easter Egg.

These are all the Chapters of the Dead Space Remake

As we already mentioned in the introduction, the new version of Dead Space is a remake. This means that the developers are sticking closely to the original. That's why they mainly added some improvements to the UI or the game flow, and there are a few small side areas to explore. Otherwise, the remake sticks to the 12 chapters that the original already had.

Not all chapters are the same length, some are relatively short while others have much more to do. Also, there are only a total of three bosses in the game, so don't conclude each chapter with a boss. If you're aiming for a second playthrough by finding all the markers and unlocking the secret ending, however, you'll have to watch out. Almost every chapter hosts such a marker, so keep your eyes open!

Spoiler warning: In the following we describe roughly what happens in the chapters. In addition, you can already learn all the names, all the bosses, and a hidden Easter Egg from the information. Read on at your own risk!

Chapter 1: New Arrivals

In the first chapter, right after a very atmospheric intro, an exciting introduction to the events of Dead Space awaits you. Pretty much at the beginning, you'll search for and find your stasis module, which will now accompany and support you on your journey. Later on, you'll have to repair the monorail and make your way to the infirmary.

Chapter 2: Intensive Care

Once you arrive at the infirmary, you'll soon come across a barricade that needs to be destroyed. To do this, you'll need to find a hydrazine tank and a shock pad. While looking for the items for the explosive charge, you'll also find your kinesis module early on in this chapter. After destroying the barricade, you'll go in search of the captain.

Chapter 3: Course Correction

Now that you're through with the infirmary, move on to the engine deck, after all, you want to have inspected the entire ship by the end of the game. When you reach the engine deck, you have to refuel the southern and northern engines. Then activate the centrifuge to fire the engines. Of course, you can't forget about the short decontamination, during which you'll be attacked by several enemies. Once you're done with everything, you'll return to the monorail.

Chapter 4: Obliteration

In the fourth chapter, you'll be faced with a number of tasks. When you get off the monorail, you'll head for the captain's cabin. Hammond is waiting for you there, and no, that's not the name of a boss opponent. With the new level 2 security clearance you get from him, you can now move to new areas. Your main task from now on is to activate the elevators. Once you've done that, comes the real objective of the chapter. You have to turn on the AAS cannon and restart it.

Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion

With the new security clearance, you can now clear out various areas such as the bridge deck or the storage room. Afterwards, you take the monorail back to the infirmary, where a lot has changed since you were last here. Now it's time to make your way through the previously inaccessible areas of the infirmary to the chemistry lab. There you'll meet Dr. Mercer, who will send a particularly nice enemy after you. For the rest of the chapter you'll have to figure out how to get rid of the mutant.

Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard

After getting rid of your new friend, take the monorail to the monorail control. Once there, you should go to the hydro station to produce the enzyme there. You will then need this enzyme to administer it to a total of eight creatures. So be prepared for a longer chapter. Once you have worked through all the creatures, you can go to the food store. There you will meet the Leviathan, the first boss. Have fun!

Chapter 7: Into The Void 

Once you have survived the fight with the small boss and defeated the Leviathan, make your way to the mining deck. The main objective in this chapter is to destroy the gravity beams that are inside and outside the ship. To do that, you need to activate the launch tube and find the admin RIG. Also, start the SOS transmitter and place it in the right place. Finally, destroy a small asteroid and return to the monorail station.

Chapter 8: Search and Rescue

Your task in this chapter is to activate the communication array and extend the antennas. To do this, of course, you'll go back to one of the already known areas to take a different path. So head to the area where you already found the captain's cabin. Once the communication array is up and running and the antennas are extended, you still have to completely destroy the remains of the first boss.

Chapter 9: Dead On Arrival

In this chapter, you will board the USM Valor, which has crashed into the Ishimura. Your goal on the USM Valor is to recover the singularity core. But shortly after you want to start, you first have to take care of a warhead and dispose of it. Once you have disposed of the warhead and collected the singularity core, you have to escape from the USM Valor.

Chapter 10: End Of Days

Back on the Ishimura, you'll get your first objective in this chapter. You are supposed to find the VIP shuttle. While you're working on it, your objective is replaced by a dialogue with Daniels. First you have to find the key for the crew deck. After that, head towards the VIP shuttle, but soon Dr. Mercer will send the mutant after you again.

Then you destroy some vines at various points and get the marker back. Once you have found it, you finally have to go to the VIP shuttle, where you have to install the singularity core. After that, the mutant or hunter, who serves as the boss here, will attack you again.

Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions 

Once you have defeated the hunter, you need to activate the cargo crane. Of course, this turns out to be more difficult than it sounds. When the cargo crane is running again, you can load the marker and make your way to the shuttle in the hangar. Now you're almost there, on to the last chapter.

Chapter 12: Dead Space

Your goal now is to transport the marker safely. To do this, you have to restore the energy in some areas. With the marker in your luggage, you'll go through the supply depot, the node and the storage chamber. Finally, you'll have to transport the marker to the base and activate the beams. After that you should reach the landing place. Here the finale is waiting for you. The Collective is your final boss in the Dead Space remake, and it's a tough one!

The Chapter Easter Egg from Dead Space

As in the original, there is an Easter Egg in Dead Space Remake that has to do with the names of the different chapters. Here you can always read the first letter and get a sentence that tells you some sad information. We'll list the chapters one below the other so that the Easter Egg is more noticeable.

  • New Arrivals
  • Intensive Care
  • Course Correction
  • Obliteration
  • Lethal Devotion
  • Environmental Hazard
  • Into the Void
  • Search and Rescue
  • Dead on Arrival
  • End of Days
  • Alternate Solutions
  • Dead Space

Nicole is dead!

The person in question is Nicole Brennan. She was the chief medical officer of the Ishimura. Already two years before the events of Dead Space, she and Isaac became a couple. Even though Isaac himself has hopes of finding her on the Ishimura, she was already dead at the beginning of Dead Space, that is, when the USG Kellion arrived. This fact is further emphasized by this macabre Easter Egg in the names of Dead Space's chapters.

Mehr zu Dead Space

The playing time of Dead Space Remake

The original Dead Space is listed on as taking around 11-12.5 hours for a playthrough, and offers 20 hours for those who want to see everything. Not much has been changed in the remake, yet the regular playtime here is estimated to be more like 15–17 hours. If you count yourself among the players who want to play the game completely with all achievements, you'll have even more than 30 hours to do. In this case, you'll have to play through the game twice due to the alternative ending.

Game times of the Dead Space Games in Comparison

  • Dead Space 2008
    • Main story: 11 hours
    • Main and side missions: 12-13 hours
    • All achievements: 20 hours
  • Dead Space 2023
    • Main story: 15 hours
    • Main and side missions: 16-18 hours
    • All achievements: 30-35 hours

Dead Space Remake Kapitel Easter Egg Kapitelnamen Jäger

Did you play the original Dead Space back then, or are you just giving the series a chance now because of the remake? Write it down in the comments!

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