Dead Space: All Suit Locations, Stats and Costs

Published: Jan. 28, 2023
Updated: Jan. 28, 2023

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In the remake of the horror classic Dead Space, you can also improve your suit throughout the game and become more resistant with the upgrades. We'll tell you where you can find the rigs, what advantages they offer, and how much they cost.

These are the suits/rigs: In the regular game of Dead Space, in addition to your starting suit or rig, you can unlock 5 more throughout your game. In doing so, they offer increasingly better protection against the Necromorphs and more inventory space. There are also 6 suit skins you can secure through specific actions or purchases, but they don't give you any advantages.

How to Get all the Suits/Rigs in Dead Space

This is what all suits have in common: All suits cost credits, which you can find on the USG Ishimura. The better the suit, the higher the purchase price. You can buy the level 2 suit directly in the store, but you have to find the others as schematics first to unlock them in the store.

Rig Level Location Stats Price
1 Starting gear
  • 12 inventory space
2 After chapter 1 in the first shop
  • 18 inventory space
  • 5 % DMG resist
10,000 Credits
3 Chapter 4 - After you take the elevator down to Captains Nest.
  • 22 inventory space
  • 10 % DMG resist
20,000 Credits
4 Chapter 7 - In the Maintenance Annex near the SOS beacon.
  • 26 inventory space
  • 15 % DMG resist
35,000 Credits
5 Chapter 10 - In the Rec Hallway in the Shower Room.
  • 26 inventory space
  • 20 % DMG resist
60,000 Credits
6 Received at the start of New Game+
  • 26 inventory space
  • 30 % DMG resist
99,000 Credits

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All the Suit Skins in Dead Space and How to Get Them

If you buy the Digital Deluxe Edition or subscribe to EA Play Pro, you can unlock additional skins that look cool but don't give you any advantages in the game. You just put them over your current suit.

This is how you put on the skins: To use the skins, you need to reach the first store, where you will also get the level 2 suit. In the storage, you will have all your skins at your disposal, which you can equip simply by clicking on them.

Here's what you need to remember: Skins are differentiated between skins and textures. So there are 3 skins and 3 textures. In the picture above, the 3 upper suits belong to the skins that you can wear over any suit. They are entirely new models. However, the textures adapt to your current suit and change the color scheme. You can only put the textures on the level 1 to 6 suits, but not over the skins themselves. So you can't put a blood texture over the Venture suit.

More about Dead Space

Now you know everything about the different suits in Dead Space! Which one is your favorite? Write it down in the comments below. Or do you want to join our community and discuss Dead Space Remake? Feel free to join our Discord server or visit us on Facebook, we are looking forward to seeing you there!

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