Diablo Immortal: Fastest Way to Farm Runes - This is How

Published: Jun. 16, 2022
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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Once you reach the endgame of Diablo Immortal, you'll wonder how you can farm runes as quickly as possible. There are many different runes in the game, which you'll need especially to craft legendary gems. In our guide, we'll explain how to maximize your rune yield.

Why is this important? Without Legendary Eden Stones, you won't get far in the endgame of Diablo Immortal. After a certain point, these gems are indispensable. With them, your character gets extremely strong, unique bonuses and becomes stronger. Depending on the build, these provide a decent damage boost, more tankyness or other skills. So how do you get runes as fast as possible?

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Fast rune farming in Diablo Immortal

Already on your way to level 60 you can pick up quite a few runes through the various game mechanics. Good sources for the different runes are:

  • Elder portals (in blindness with rare and legendary emblems).
  • Battlepass
  • Cellik: dealer for extinguishing sparks and runes

In Diablo Immortal, there are many different runes. Except for the FA runes, you can farm all of them in the Elder Portals. When you boost the Elder Portals with rare emblems, you increase the number of runes you get after completing the portal.

In addition to runes, the Elder Portals also give you Extinguishing Sparks. You can exchange them for FA Runes at the Extinguishing Sparks and Runes trader named Cellik. There, you can also exchange Ati Runes for other runes. You can find the merchant in Westmark just below the Elder Portal on the left.

Diablo Immortal Rune Trade

This is how many runes you need

Even without emblems, you are guaranteed to get between 8 and 11 sparks per run at the Elder Portals. For 18 sparks, you get 1 FA rune at Cellik. To craft a random one-star legendary gem, you need 7 FA runes. For a random two-star gem you already need 28 FA runes.

If you want to create a specific gem, you will need several Ati runes and other normal or magic runes. Which and how many runes you need depends on the particular gem you want to make.

Diablo Immortal how to forge an legendary stone

Good to know: If you're out of rare emblems and still want to run Elder Portals, check out the hilt dealer Lieutenant Fizriah beforehand. There, you can buy rare emblems for a comparatively small amount of hilts. Once a month, you can also get a legendary emblem there.

So you see, you don't have to invest real money in Diablo Immortal to get legendary gems. By farming runes and extinguishing sparks, you'll be able to craft them yourself, even if it takes longer, of course.

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