Escape From Tarkov Now Has Daily and Weekly Quests: All You Have to Know

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Recently, in addition to the familiar missions, there are also daily and weekly quests in Escape From Tarkov. How to accept them, what rewards await you and how to do them, you can find out now at!

The daily and weekly quests in Tarkov are designed to help players level up faster and build their reputation with the vendors. This intention is meant so well that developer BSG has built in a “failure mode”.

These rewards are available for quests:

  • Money in the form of rubles and dollars
  • Reputation with the ordering dealer
  • Lots of experience points for quick leveling

This is how daily and weekly quests work: You need to know that

Where and when are the quests available? The daily and weekly quests in Escape From Tarkov are available from the vendors. If a trader has a quest for you, you can tell by the green tick.

Most of the time you can even choose between several quests or even accept all of them at the same time. But when do the quests actually start?

  • Daily quests (operational tasks): Level 5
  • Weekly quests: level 15

What kind of quests are there? The tasks range from MMO classics like Killing 5 Scavs to extreme challenges. On Reddit, some Tarkov fans have already collected which missions they have had to complete so far.

These include tasks such as killing a player with a leg shot from a distance of 20-50 meters. You have to do that first! Unsurprisingly, this quest is said to come from Jäger, who is known for his complex missions.

These daily quests are known

  • Hand over X items that you found in the raid
  • Hand over X items with X value of durability
  • Kill USEC PMCs
  • Kill X Scav / PMC with one hit in body part X from distance X in X raids
  • Kill BEAR PMCs
  • Hit a part of the body from X distance
  • Kill X Scav / PMC with X weapon
  • Kill Boss X
  • Survive X raids

But if your daily or weekly quests are too difficult for you and you don’t manage to complete them by the deadline, Escape From Tarkov will notice. The Youtuber NoiceGuy has tried out what happens when he fails all missions. The result: the daily and weekly quests become much easier. “Survive 16 Raids” became “Kill Two Scavs” (via


More about Tarkov

What are the rewards for quests? What kind of reward there is seems to be different. On the one hand, it scales with the difficulty of the mission and, on the other hand, is based on your success rate. The more successful you are in completing daily and weekly quests, the more difficult and better paid the next ones will be.

You should keep in mind that weekly tasks tend to be better rewarded than daily quests. This is simply because they take longer to complete.

Tip for completing daily and weekly quests in Escape From Tarkov

This is how you do a lot of quests: When choosing your quests, you should try to combine them. For example, some traders will carry you to kill a Scav from 100 meters. That could be perfectly combined with the task of doing a Scav with an SVD or VEPR Hunter.

Other daily quests take place on the same map, so many tasks can also be combined.


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