Lost Ark Glaivier Guide: Best PvP/PvE Build, Engravings & Skills

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Lost Ark leaves new players spoiled for choice at the start: various different classes are waiting to be leveled up. A new addition is the class of the Glaivier aka Lance Bearer, a martial arts fighter who uses an oversized spear as a weapon, which is particularly popular in Korea and Russia. We’ll take a closer look at the new heroine in this guide and explain what you need to know about the Lance Bearer.

  • Field of application and role of the class
  • Perfect skill set
  • The best builds for every play style
  • The best engravings for the Glaivier/Lancebearer
  • Which awakening skill?

Class overview, role & identity of the Glaivier

This is the Glaivier: The Glaivier is a melee class that focuses on speed and mobility. In doing so, the lance-master deals extra damage with certain attacks when she attacks her opponents from behind. Besides, the Glaivier class has two different combat stances, in which you’ll fight with a gleve in addition to the spear. Thus, you’ll have to keep moving a lot and use the different stances skillfully to get the most out of the Glaivier.

How to play the class: The Glaivier is a so-called Stance class, which means that the spearwoman can switch between two combat stances (Sun and Moon) in battle. In general, you have two ways to play the Glaivier, depending on whether you prefer an easy or hard to master play style. If you focus on one of the two weapons and the moon stance and choose a build that doesn’t allow you to use the other weapon, the spearwoman plays very easy. You still don’t have to worry about DPS losses.

If you want to play a build that takes full advantage of both weapons and stances (Moon plus Sun), you’ll have to be prepared for a lot of training time. Because then the Glaivier is one of the hardest classes in the game, for which you have to learn a lot of combos and skills. Switching between stances can cost you crucial DPS if you don’t time it properly.

In general, if you want to play the Glaivier with both stances:

  • Keep moving and use your blue attacks (Lunar Stance’s storm skills) to generate energy.
  • Keep an eye on your energy bar and preferably trigger your red attacks (focus skills of the sun stance) when your energy bar is as full as possible (more energy = more damage).

Pay attention to your position in battle and prefer to attack enemies from behind (depending on your ability).
The class identity of the Glaivier/Lancer

What is the Class Identity? The Glaivier’s identity revolves around changing combat stances. If you build up your identity level with blue attacks, the energy of your attacks increases, and you deal more damage. Changing your fighting stance from moon (blue) to sun (red) and vice versa is even more worthwhile if your energy is particularly high. This is because the collected energy is used up when you switch stances and is converted into a damage buff.

However, if you decide to play the simple Glaivier build and completely forgo the Sun Stance, the way the class identity works will also change. Namely, then the Stance change will be dropped as an identity ability, and you will get a 36 percent damage bonus to your Lunar Stance assault abilities.

The most important attributes of the artilleryman: For each class in Lost Ark, you should pay attention to various attributes on the armor in the endgame. In the case of the Glaivier, these are as follows:

  • Nimbleness: more nimbleness means less cooldown on abilities, which in turn means more DPS.
  • Critical Probability: Further increases the Glaivier’s damage.
  • Specialization: Boosts the specific abilities of your class.

Pros and Cons of the Glaivier in Lost Ark

  • very mobile
  • very high damage
  • very high attack speed
  • different weapons
  • Complements itself well with other classes and is therefore welcome in groups
  • Positioning important for some attacks
  • very difficult to master, depending on how you play
  • does not perform absolutely outstanding in either PvE or PvP

The right skill with one or two stances for the Glaivier

In Lost Ark, the first 50 levels hardly determine your final build later on. In general, you can reset your skills at any time for free and redistribute the skill points. You can build your skills however you like. Until you have all the points, you can experiment with your build as you see fit.

However, there is a clear tendency that most players follow and that we recommend. The builds differ depending on whether you want to play the simple playstyle with only one or both stances. We have therefore compiled the best skill builds for both variants:

Best Single-Stance Build for the Glaivier

The single stance build does without ranged attacks and defensive abilities and concentrates entirely on the focus kills of the moon stance:

 Tripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
Flash Kick (7/10)Excellent MobilityStun Effect
Half Moon Slash (10/10)Flurry ExpertiseFinal DecisionBlade of Tornado
Chain Slash (10/10)Fatal StrikeFinal DecisionWeak Point Detection
Wheel of Blades (10/10)Magick ControlWeak Point DetectionConsecutive Spin
Raging Dragon Slash (10/10)Frost SlashAdditional SlashAwaken
Cutting Wind (10/10)Quick PrepValorEnhanced Strike
Shackling Blue Dragon (10/10)Quick PrepBlitzCritical Spear
Windsplitter (10/10)Magick ControlFinal DecisionGiant Wheel

If you choose a build that uses both stances, you’ll have 14 skills instead of eight.

Best Double Stance Build for the Glaivier

 Tripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
Flash Kick (4/10)Excellent Mobility
Half Moon Slash (10/10)Spin Upper SlashFinal DecisionChasing Slash
Chain Slash (04/10)Swoop
Wheel of Blades (4/10)Magick Control
Raging Dragon Slash (10/10)Quick PrepQuick SlashAwaken
Cutting Wind(4/10)Firepower Control
Starfall Pounce (10/10)Weak Point DetectionQuick PrepGround Explosion
Vault (4/10)Quick Prep
Shackling Blue Dragon (10/10)Quick PrepBlitzCritical Spear
4-Headed Dragon (10/10)Firepower ControlShadow ThrustInfected Wound
Dragonscale Defense (4/10)Steady Belief
Red Dragon's Horn (10/10)Quick PrepSpear of DestructionWeak Point Detection
Spiraling Spear (4/10)Firepower Control
Thrust of Destruction (1/10)

By the way, both builds are suitable for PvE as well as PvP.

How does the Glaivier rotation work? In both variants, you start your rotation with the Captivating Blue Dragon skill to recharge energy and receive the skill’s debuff. Then switch to your Revival ability (more on that below) or use Frenzied Dragon Strike if Revival is on cooldown. Then work on the other attacks until the Energy for the Stance change is charged (Double Stance build) or until the cooldown of Captivating Blue Dragon is up (Single Stance build).

The best Engravings for the Glaivier/Lancer

What are Engravings? Once your character has reached level 50, you can use the important bonuses and buffs. Engravings give you bonuses and buffs to skills or character stats. It is important to mention that not every class can wear every engraving. There are normal engravings that you can apply to both your current character and your secondary characters. Then, of course, only after they have reached level 50 as well. We also have a detailed guide that covers the engravings in detail.

Each class in Lost Ark has two class-specific engravings in addition to the traditional ones. In the case of the Glaivier, these are:

  • Peak: You get a damage buff as well as additional bonuses when you change your Stance.
  • Control: Focus Stance (Sun Stance) is disabled, but your Storm Abilities (Moon Stance) still deal up to 36 percent more damage (at level 3).

The best normal engravings for the Glaivier

You should pick up these other engravings: As mentioned above, you can take other engravings in addition to your class engraving. The normal engravings either improve your damage or give your equipment a buff. You can take a total of four engravings with you. The number of engraving points to invest is dictated by your equipment. You can get a maximum of 35 engraving points, which should be enough for three normal engravings and your class-specific engraving.

Which engravings you should take with you varies depending on your stance build. If you are using the skill with a focus on peak engraving, the following normal engravings are recommended:

  • Daring Blunt Weapon: additional crit damage (10-50 percent depending on the engraving tier), but there’s a chance your attacks will do 20 percent less damage
  • Grudge: additional damage to boss or higher tier monsters (4-20 percent depending on engraving tier), but 20 percent higher damage taken by them (not worth it until tier 3 in the endgame)
  • Mass increase: reduced attack speed (10 percent), but additional attack power (depending on engraving tier 4-18 percent)
  • Cursed doll: additional attack power (3-16 percent depending on engraving tier), but 25 percent less healing

If you choose a skill with a focus on engraving control, you should also use the following engravings:

  • Raid Leader: additional damage equal to a certain percentage of attack speed (10-45 percent depending on the engraving tier).
  • Grudge: additional damage to boss or higher tier monsters (4-20 percent depending on the engraving tier), but 20 percent higher damage taken by them (worth it only on tier 3 in the endgame)
  • Master of Ambush: additional damage when attacking from behind (5-25 percent depending on engraving tier)
  • Cursed Doll: additional attack power (3-16 percent depending on engraving tier), but 25 percent less healing
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These are revival abilities of the artilleryman in Lost Ark.

Just like the engravings, you unlock the awakening ability only after your Glaivier reaches level 50 and completes the corresponding quest line. There are two variants here, both of which you can unlock. However, you can only equip one awakening skill and not both at the same time, meaning you can switch between the skills at any time.

  • Yeon Spear Technique: Spear Meteor – You perform an attack at the target location. To do this, you jump back and throw your spear, which deals both direct damage and an explosion on impact. The explosion knocks enemies back.
  • Yeon Spear Technique: Storming Red Dragon – You thrust your spear forward, dealing damage and pulling the enemy towards you. You then swing your spear, dealing damage again, and finally thrust several more times to deal more damage and push the opponent back.

We don’t want to make a clear recommendation for one of the two awakening abilities at this point, because both have their justification, and inappropriate game situations. However, keep in mind that the Red Dragon is easier to use because the attack doesn’t have a specific target area.


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