Monster Hunter Rise: The Best Palico Support Types and Their Skills

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Monster Hunter Rise was finally released for the PC on January 12th. Since then, one question has been bothering the fans in particular: Which Palico is best suited as a supporter? We’ll tell you the answer in our guide.

What’s up with the Palicos in Monster Hunter Rise? The so-called Palicos are animal companions that you can recruit from the so-called Buddy Scout at Buddy Plaza. The Buddy Scout offers you a varying selection of different Palicos.

The selection changes every time you accept a new quest – and this also applies if you cancel a quest. If you are not satisfied with what the Buddy Scout has to offer, simply accept a new quest to get a different selection.

If you have recruited a Palico, he will support you in battle according to his abilities.

Palicos in Monster Hunter Rise: healer, DD, or collector?

Depending on how much experience you already have with Monster Hunter and what activity in the game you are currently doing, the use of different Palicos is worthwhile. There are a total of five different types of Palico in Monster Hunter Rise:

  • Healer Support Type: Creates healing items that regenerate your life points during a fight; is best for beginners
  • Assist Support Type: Sets traps that slow or stun enemies and can deal damage with poison; suitable for experienced players
  • Gatherer Support Type: Attacks monsters and steals resources from them in the process; useful for your next item run
  • Bomber Support Type: ranged fighter who supports you in combat with bombs; suitable for more experienced players
  • Fighter Support Type: Melee who can later also set traps and switch to a berserk mode; suitable for more experienced players

What you should consider when choosing your Palico: You cannot change the support type of your Palico. So if you have leveled up a Palico and want to switch to another type, you have to recruit a new Palico and level it up as well.

These are the best skills for every Palico Support Type

What are the best skills for which type of Palico? Once you have decided on a Palico, you can select the skills that your new companion should use in combat in the Buddy Info menu. Each Palico type has five specific skills that you unlock as the Palico levels up.

The skills are fixed from the start and cannot be changed. The first and fifth ability come from the portfolio of the respective type, while the second, third and fourth ability can also belong to other types. At level 1 you have one ability available, the others you unlock every five level upgrades.

There are five different types of Palico in Monster Hunter Rise.

Before you decide on a Palico, take a look at the skills. The best skills for level 5, 10, and 15 are – regardless of the type of Palico you choose:

  • Healing Bubble (Level 5): Creates bubbles that heal you when you touch them
  • Whirlwind Assault (Level 5): Whirls around to create a whirlwind with the weapon and then charges at monsters
  • Go, Fight, Win (Level 5): Reduces your loss of stamina while the Palico is dancing
  • Anti-Monster Mine (Level 10): Places a mine on the ground that explodes when an enemy runs over it (sometimes stuns enemies too)
  • Power Drum (Level 10): Sounds a drum that increases the attack and defense of the hunter and the Palico
  • Shock Purr-ison (Level 15): Places a shock trap that immobilizes large monsters
  • Flash Bombay (Level 15): Fires a bomb into the air that explodes with a bright flash of lightning

Leveling Palicos in Monster Hunter Rise – Passive or Active?

How do I level my Palico? To level up your Palico, you have two options:

  • You take your Palico with you on quests so that they can gain experience and increase their character level.
  • You drop them off at the Buddy Dojo, so they can train while you complete quests. That costs you 100 points per training round or a Lagniapple for ten rounds.

By the way, you can customize your Palicos optically and give them your own names. Because every Palico has its own inventory, you can even equip them with weapons. So you see: Monster Hunter Rise’s buddy system has it all, and choosing the right Palico can make the difference between victory and defeat in case of doubt.


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