PUBG: The Key to The Secret Room & Where to Find it

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With the start of Season 9 of PUBG, players can not only discover dynamic weather on the new map Paramo but also can explore secret rooms – you can now find out how to get there.

This is the new map: Paramo was integrated into the game with the release of the ninth season of PUBG. There is an active volcano at its center. This can make whole parts of the map unplayable and thus changes the layout in each round. But Paramo offers a lot more!

Secret Room in PUBG: How to get to the treasure

Secret room locations: The secret rooms are spread out all over the map. But unlike in normal houses, you are not granted access so easily here.

However, when studying the map, you should take into account that the rooms which are available are not always the same. Each turn, there are only a few Secret Rooms that you can loot. But how does it actually work?


How you get in: To get into one of the secret rooms, you don’t have to do anything other than find one of the special keys. Sounds easy, but in fact, it’s really tough.

This is because the keys are extremely rare, and you have to hope that you will just trip over one while you collect the rest of your future gear. Optionally, you can of course also wait in front of the entrance of a secret room to dust off a kill and the great loot in good PUBG style.


Loot in PUBG’s Secret Room: If you have managed to open a room, then you can expect great loot. Similar to the vaults in Fortnite or Warzone, looting these rooms gives you a great advantage, especially if you open it at the beginning of a game.

Try it now: The new Paramo map is currently still on the PUBG test servers. So if you want to try this terrain, you have to download this branch from your Steam library.



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