System Shock Remake: Armory Code on the Medical Deck

Published: May. 31, 2023
Updated: May. 31, 2023

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In System Shock Remake you have to find an armory code on the medical deck, or so you would think. Our guide shows you how to actually get to the armory.

There is no armory code: The remake of the immersive sim System Shock contains, just like the original game, several doors that can only be opened using four-digit numerical codes. However, the door to the armory on the Medical Deck is not one of them.

Instead, you have to enter cyberspace at a certain point on the station and take action there. In the following, we will explain what you have to do in detail to get into the armory.

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System Shock Remake: How to Get the Armory Code

Go to the far northwest of the map on the Medical Deck. (2) You will be near the armory there. In the center of the room you will see a device with a hologram. (1) Interact with it to enter cyberspace.

Cyberspace may seem a bit confusing, but when you're not purposefully making your way back, it runs a bit like it's on rails. Partly even in the truest sense of the word. Now, to hack the armory door (because that's what you need to do here), just float to the end of cyberspace. You'll know you're on the right track when you're occasionally grabbed by a maelstrom and channeled through narrow tunnels.

It's best to take a close look at each cyberspace "room" so you don't miss any upgrades or regenerative objects. The installation that needs to be hacked, however, is hard to miss (see below).

System Shock Remake Armory Code Medical 04

Please shoot at the green electric sizzle in the middle.

The installation in question will catch your eye because it emits more than just a spark of electricity. So as soon as you see it sizzling between two ladders, fire at this spot until the installation is destroyed.

System Shock Remake Armory Code Medical 01

And here we are: in the armory on the Medical Deck.

And that was it. Shortly after, you're back in the real world and can walk the short distance back to the armory. It's the first door on the right. It opens when you interact with it.

Versions for Almost All Current Platforms

System Shock's remake has been available for most major platforms since May 30. In addition to the Windows PC version, versions for macOS, Linux, PlayStation 5/4, Xbox Series X/S as well as Xbox One have also been released.

Besides the copy-protected version, which can be purchased via Steam, there is also a DRM-free version available on GOG. It can be installed via GOG Galaxy as well as via offline installer packages.

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