System Shock Remake: Finding the Door Code on the Medical Deck

Published: May. 31, 2023
Updated: May. 31, 2023

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In System Shock Remake, a door code must be found on the Medical deck. This guide shows you in pictures where the stubborn access key is hiding.

The door code is close by: The remake of the immersive sim System Shock is a very faithful one. Accordingly, it often challenges your grey cells; at least from puzzle level 2 onwards. One of the easier tasks, however, is to find the code for the door in the entrance area of the medical deck.

It is located very close to the obstacle, but the passage in question eludes the eye for the time being. Below you'll find out where exactly to look for the door code.

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System Shock: Here's Where the Door Code is in the Remake

When you stand in front of the locked door in the entrance area of the medical deck, you will see an isolated room similar to a nurse's office behind you on the left. Now go to the position in screenshot 1; this is the left side wall of the room as seen from the door.

System Shock Door Code Medical Location

The location of the door code on the medical deck. (1)

If you take a look at the lower part of the wall there, you will see an elongated hatch on the left. (2) Interact with it (via the F key) and the passage will open. (3) Of course you have to crawl in there, which can be done by default with the CTRL key.

The "nurse's room" is rather dark, but you should be able to see the controls on the window side. On the left corner shelf near the window you will find a log entry from Dr. Joseph Lewis. This text entry contains the code you are looking for. If you want it directly, open screenshot number 4.

You can read logs at any time by opening your inventory (I) and clicking the "Media" tab on the right under the inventory area. In the new window you will see all log entries, both in text and audio form.

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