Wild Hearts: All 21 Monsters and Their Characteristics at a Glance

Published: Mar. 19, 2023
Updated: Mar. 19, 2023

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According to official statements, the Monster Hunter alternative Wild Hearts has been launched with a total of 21 huntable Kemono. Apparently, all of them belong to the larger or big caliber; you can find out who you're dealing with in the following overview.

Are there only 10 big beasts? The highlights of the Monster Hunter competitor Wild Hearts are, of course, the huntable Kemono, in addition to the innovative Karakuri technologies. Initially, it seemed like there were only 10 of them, however, it is now certain that there are actually 21 large creatures roaming around in the Far Eastern fantasy world.

And they not only leave a lasting impression thanks to the imaginative design, but the excellent soundtrack also knows how to bombastically stage the hunting prey. But which animals are monster hunters actually interested in here? We investigated this question and were able to gather lots of information.

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These Are the 21 Monsters From Wild Hearts


Amaterasu has long been worshipped as a deity. With its "radiant, sun-drenched plumage," the eagle-like bird of prey is a majestic sight of gigantic proportions. And as if this were not enough to literally fire people's imagination, Amaterasu is also surrounded by a dark mystery. It is said that all the places where he was worshipped were quickly doomed - and with them all the records about the sacred Kemono always disappeared. Ametaru's attacks are known to be particularly devastating, but the moment he absorbs Bird Sky Threads is said to be an opportunity for hunters to attack.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Amaterasu


Ragetai is a giant rat with glowing red eyes and a huge tail club. This Kemono is considered to be insatiable and constantly hungry, so it attacks not only humans but also smaller monsters. The urge to always devour large amounts of food probably stems from the fact that a lot of energy "goes into forming the fruit-like outgrowths on the tip of its tail." Note: An annoying flower tail continues to swell, increasing its range and strength.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Blütenschwänzchen

Variant: Sporenschwänzchen

The atomic version of the Ragetail, but moreover fights with the backing of young.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Sporenschwänzchen


The Donnermarder is said to be highly intelligent, as it can "control complex magnetic fields and shape iron sand into peculiar forms" by means of its body's natural magnets. These almost caracuri-like structures are found exclusively in the territory of the large rodent. Much like the Emerald Glider benefits greatly from tall stone pillars in combat, the Donnermarder is nearly defenseless without iron sand supplies.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Donnermader


A raven-like bird that is considered a terrible creature because it envelops its prey with poisonous miasma and, moreover, only attacks weaker animals. On the other hand, he is apparently not immune to his own secretions, as he sometimes writhes in pain himself. Nevertheless, its frequent swoops make it a strong opponent.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Düsterschnabel

Variant: Perlmuttschnabel

As Düsterschnabel, they are similar to the dusky beaks, but are given a diet of mainly seafood by their parents, which causes them to develop into pearly beaks. They have strong blinding light beams, which are better avoided.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Perlmuttschnabel


Hunting mountainous monsters isn't necessarily on everyone's wish list. But with the Earthbreaker, just such a monster is on board in Wild Hearts. What you don't necessarily see at first glance is that the stone giant is a bear. It is said to be able to break the earth in two and swallow whole mountains. According to legend, it was the earth splitters who dug valleys into the once flat earth "and drove peaks far into the sky." One of the more credible legends, look at the picture below.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Erdspalter


Those who like roosters might change their minds, at least with regard to the aggressive rooster kemono Federkralle. After all, when these animals crow, the shrill cry makes even the leaves fall from the trees. Its call resounds over "mountain and valley and can be heard even in distant villages." Even worse, however, is that the noise is capable of destroying even ramshackle farmhouses. In skirmishes, on the other hand, the feathered claw uses its mighty kicking power.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Federkralle

Variant: Hakenkralle

Female turned Federkralle that tends to struggle with "sleep smoke" from their eggs. In addition, this smoke can cause exhaustion.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Hakenkralle


Kingtusks are - contrary to their funny name - the most fearsome kemono ever to haunt human settlements. They are said to have many eyes, but they keep most of them closed. At least until someone or something dares to enter their territory. The fight against the wooden wild boars absolutely requires Karakuri technique, because they "shred everything" with their "tree trunk-sized" tusks and their massive body. We can confirm this from our own experience, because the grunting tree killer really didn't make it easy for us to write this combat guide.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Floragrunzer

Variant: Icetusk

Unlike the Kingtusk, the Icetusk's breath covers the ground with permafrost. Thus, an additional threat is the hostile environment that this monster creates.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Eisgrunzer


Why the Deathstalker is attested a "morbidly smooth form" by its creators is questionable. However, that every centimeter of it radiates an icy cold, however, can already be nodded on the basis of the picture below. In places where there is no water, this kemono can summon large chunks of ice that mark its territory (so-called ice castles). The fighting strength of the Deathstalker is said to be especially evident in confrontations with other kemono. However, the idea that this large animal sometimes hunts in packs is particularly terrifying. Similar to Golden Tempest, Deathstalker can also summon winds, but these are more used to build up an icy protective armor.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Frostgrim


A legendary kemono that was born in fire. It probably originated in a volcanic area in the west, where it is said to have burned everything around it to ash. "Some believe the flames of the Glutfeder will extinguish evil and revere the bird as the epitome of the fight against evil, while others see it as the harbinger of destruction, turning fields into a sea of flames, all possessions into ashes, and houses into dust" Attention, this Kemono has powerful explosion and fire attacks.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Glutfeder


Despite its imposing appearance, the hedgehog-like Goldstachel is also considered an amusing contemporary. This is because the giant hedgehog fires its extremely hard, protective spines at its prey and sometimes overdoes it. In other words, it often accidentally shoots all of its spines, "which leaves it exposed and running around in a panic". However, when this kemono is angry, its spikes grow back especially quickly. That's bad for monster hunters, who should always be on the lookout for good cover.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Goldstachel

Variant: Onyxstachel

Has the same characteristics as Goldstachel, but also summons large rocks from the ground.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Onyxstachel

Golden Tempest

In the world of Wild Hearts, there is said to be a mysterious place in the far north, which is not called the Sea of Gold for nothing, because that is where fools are drawn in search of gold. Fools because it is said to be the territory of the Golden Tempest, a partially armored and spiky saber-toothed tiger. It is said to be the embodiment of the wind, "bringing riches to some and death to others." A magical creature, so to speak, Golden Tempest is capable of summoning heavy whirlwinds that become even heavier the angrier you make him. At least it is possible to take cover from these wind forces.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Goldsturm


Wild Hearts is also home to a cross between a giant root and a gorilla, with the ability to hurl "molten rock over a large area". In addition, the monkey kemono uses "its long arms for rapid strikes". For whatever reason, all of this earned the Lavaback reputation among hunters for being the most repulsive of all kemono. This is also said to be due to the way the beast sometimes seems to look down on humanity. When you encounter a Lavaback, you should keep an eye on the ground below you, because your prey is also capable of tearing up the earth.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Lavarücken

Variant: Glutlavarücken

The inappropriate name does not suggest it, but this is the icy counterpart to Lavaback.
Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Glutlavarücken


Have you ever seen a sheep fly? Haven't you? Then the Spineglider offers you the chance to do so, at least a little bit. The appearance of this flying Kemono is reminiscent of the woolly grazing animals, but it aggressively defends its territory. Its territory is marked by a wild collection of stone pillars, reminiscent of stalagmites. From these, the emerald glider "silently swoops down from the shadows on anything it deems a threat." Since this creature is somewhat dependent on the stone pillars it erects; it does so via rapidly hardening secretions, by the way, it is helpful to destroy them in battle.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Smaragdgleiter

Variant: Liliengleiter

The Liliengleiter is the poisonous relative of the Spineglider. Beware of poisonous projectiles and puddles!

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Liliengleiter


Another unintentionally comical Kemono species is the Sapscourge. It secretes substances from its bark-like skin that strongly resemble resin and pollen. However, the strange tree creature doesn't seem to be physiologically made for this, and so it is made to sneeze by its own pollen. Thus the Sapscourge "accidentally covers its prey again and again with resin (...) before clumsily trying to clean it up again". Hunters may also experience this on their own bodies, which can namely faint as a result of the pollen bombardment.

Wild Hearts: Alle Monster - Zederngeißel


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