Lost Ark Interactive Map – All Mokoko Seeds, Bosses and Treasures

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We have for you an interactive Lost Ark map where you will find all Mokoko seeds, bosses, and treasures. Over a hundred areas, islands, and dungeons of the ARPG-MMO offer plenty to explore.

That’s the interactive Lost Ark map

We expressly point out that this map does not come from us. The interactive map is from lostarkmap.com.

These are the functions of the interactive Lost Ark map: In the left sidebar, you will find all areas, islands, and an overview of the world. If you click on a region, you will see all the individual locations in this area. You can then use a filter function to filter for the Mokoko Seeds and collectibles. These are the options:

  • Secret Passage
  • Mokoko seeds
  • Vista
  • Hidden Story
  • Favor NPC
  • Cooking ingredients
  • Food Ingredient
  • Zone Change
  • Treasure Box
  • Boss
  • World Boss
  • Play Instrument
  • Treasure Map
  • Waypoint
  • Repair
  • Storage
  • Mail
The Lost Ark Map

Do you want to defeat the world bosses? Here you will find them:

All our Lost Ark maps where you can find all Mokoko Seeds and Collectibles:

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