Netflix-Hit LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS starts 2nd season in a few weeks

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For many fans of the Netflix series LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS, the following news is likely to make for a jump of joy: The animation hit will soon have a second season, more precisely on May 14, 2021! In line with this, Netflix has released the first trailer.

This is the trailer: The trailer for LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS shows the different animation styles that change with each episode. That provided plenty of variety and a wonderful atmosphere for the short stories in the first season.

On May 14th, the time has come and Netflix already gives a little foretaste in its description:

“The NSFW animated anthology returns with a vengeance. Naked giants, Christmas demons, and robots-gone-wild… Consume irresponsibly. Volume 2 coming May 14.”

The first season offers 18 episodes with a length of 6 to 17 minutes each. What the second will offer is currently unknown. We are still excited!


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