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Interactive New World Map - All Resources, NPCs, Essences

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The interactive New World Map offers you the option of using the filter function to switch various resources and areas on or off. You can also find an overview of the various NPCs and their positions.

Attention: We expressly point out that the map does not come from us but from! Reddit-User aToO57 created the map and continues to complete it. The map is worth a look!

This is the Interactive New World Map

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These are the functions of the interactive New World Map: The map itself is interactive, can be zoomed in, and filters can be used to hide and show the various points (resources, NPCs, documents, regions) on the map. You can search for all objects and NPCs and set your own markers, which you can then share with friends. The filter functions include:

  • Cities and Settlements
  • Ores
  • Plants
  • Wood
  • Essences
  • Chests
  • Monster
  • Documents
  • Fishing Places
  • NPCs
  • Important Areas
  • Point of Interests
  • Events
  • Expeditions
  • Glyphs

You can also change the language in the upper left corner.1

More about New World

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