Fear the Walking Dead: Nuclear War is Coming! What Teddy wants from Morgan

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The latest episode Fear The Walking Dead came out yesterday and it was not only incredibly good, but also provides answers to the keys, “The End is The Beginning” group and cult leader Teddy.

That’s what happened: Episode S06E11 doesn’t focus on a single character, even if Wes is clearly the focus here. In the search for an ominous group that you probably know from the paintings “The End is the Beginning”, our heroes encounter many answers to tons of open questions.

Teddy’s new group lives underground and searches for Morgan over nuclear weapons

Who is the new group: In the current episode of Fear The Walking Dead you get a first in-depth look at the new group, led by the cult overseer “Teddy”. The group is not really new, because it is responsible for many attacks on our heroes, Tank Town and CRM. In addition, they are for the lettering “The End is The Beginning” (in German: The end is just the beginning).

The group lives in a kind of underground facility, which in its earlier existence had no apparent use. Here they turn zombies into fertilizer to nourish their plants. This is to ensure that the group never has to surface again.

The new Big Bad Teddy in Fear The Walking Dead wants an end for the upper world so that it can start again. But what does that mean exactly and why is Teddy looking for Morgan Jones?

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Morgan has a key – that’s what it’s for

That’s why Morgan is wanted: We remember the first half of the sixth season of Fear The Walking Dead. Here Morgan is hunted by the bounty hunter Emile, who has a key with him. Not only did he steal the key himself from one of his successful hunts, he is also being chased by Teddy’s group himself.

Morgan now has the key, and it could belong to the nuclear submarine that was seen on the beach in S06E01. The so-called “Two Men Rule” of the US Navy requires that two commanders always have to give access to the nuclear warheads. This rules out going it alone and making hasty decisions.

Teddy might already have a key and want to steal the second one from Morgan. With this explosive power he can ring in a new beginning. But whether this theory turns out to be true, we will find out next Monday (May 10) at the earliest.


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