The Walking Dead: World Beyond Finale: Jumps to Europe and Reveals Zombie Origins

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We’ve seen the Finale Episode 10 of The Walking Dead: World Beyond (do you want to? Click here for the tutorial). Hell, the last episode was mediocre, but the post-credit scene blew our heads up!

That’s why it’s so exciting: In the post-credit scene from the World Beyond finale, The Walking Dead jumps into another part of the world for the first time in series history. Here we learn more about Dr. Jenner’s job and his secret French pen pal. The scene also shows:

  • The origin of the virus
  • New factions
  • New zombies
  • What the French researchers were working on.

That’s what happens in the World Beyond post-credit scene

This is where we end up: The first thing that strikes you as soon as the scene is running, and a mysterious woman connects hard drives to an old computer: Everything is in French! A short time later, we hear this woman speak French to a man: We are in France.

For the first time ever, a series on The Walking Dead shows us a different part of the world than the United States. But it’s not enough for a city trip, because the entire scene takes place in an old hall.

That’s why women are key figures: we’ve never seen women in the World Beyond post-credit scene before. Nevertheless, she is well known to fans from the very beginning: The scientist is Dr. Jenner.

In the first season of The Walking Dead, Rick and Co. declared everything he knew to be a virus. Among other things, that everyone is infected with it. Remember, Jenner blew up his laboratory (CDC) in downtown Atlanta after running out of power.

After Jenner’s death, his old girlfriend also had to believe in it 12 years later. The man we spoke of briefly at the beginning shoots her. Mind you, with a well-placed hit in the back of the head.

Biters are getting even more dangerous now

Now they come: dead woman, shot in the back of the head, she gets up anyway. It’s not only scary that she is still resurrected at all, even though her thoughts are mush.

What is really unsettling is the fact that she comes back within a few seconds and then runs too – not just running, she sprints as if possessed by the devil. This is new because we don’t know of any fast, overly powerful zombies in The Walking Dead.

This French representative seems to combine both. The strength is also just a guess based on hammering a metal door.

Virus origin explained: the French are to blame!

Back to the mysterious man who asks the scientist about Team Primose. There is no explanation for this. The storyline from Europe is either an upcoming spin-off series or part of the Rick Grimes films. The man also throws at her head:

More about The Walking Dead

He says that just before he puts a bullet in her head and she comes back as a running walker. Conicidence? We don’t believe But caution is advised: It looks like he means the virus, but he could also mean the lap around Team Primose and Violett, even if he doesn’t seem to mean it.

What do you think? Have you already seen the finale or do you skip all episodes of the rather moderately good series The Walking Dead World Beyond with our article?

No matter why you’re here, tell us what you think of the post-credit scene from the World Beyond finals!


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