New The Walking Dead Episode Shows: Here’s How the “Maggie-Negan” Spin-Off Could Happen

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In the latest episode 12 of The Walking Dead season 11, the first hints of the big civil war and the new spin-off series around Maggie and Negan in New York have crept in. These hints give hope that the series can become exciting.

What’s going on with The Walking Dead? 

  • In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, the Commonwealth meets Hilltop for the first time and offers to help.
  • Hilltop, Alexandria and Ocean Side are supposed to join the Commonwealth, but since Maggie refuses, nothing comes of it.
  • However, some people from Hilltop accept the CW’s offer and join the town.
  • In a post-credit scene from season 11, episode 9, we learn that there will be a battle for Hilltop. A preview for episode 13 also shows why.
  • All of this gives us a good perspective on how the recently announced Maggie and Negan spin-off “Isle of the Dead” may come to be.

Maggie-Negan spin-off “Isle of the Dead” – This is what we know so far

What story is the spin-off trying to tell? In a Twitter message, TV channel AMC shared that The Walking Dead is to get another spin-off. This new series is supposed to be all about Maggie and Negan traveling together. In the first teaser, you can also see that it is going to New York.

The series title Isle of the Dead is also quickly explained: The Isle of the Dead is, of course, Manhattan. Why Maggie and Negan come here is unclear. The writers of the spin-off describe Manhattan as its own little pocket universe where everything is a little more extreme. Also, the reason for Maggie to travel around with her husband Glenn’s killer in the first place is not clear to many fans

This is how Maggie and Negan have grown closer: Already in the currently running final 11th season of The Walking Dead, you could observe how Negan is changing. After Maggie returned, the Whisperers were already history and Negan was mainly responsible for their downfall. Maggie knew nothing of this and didn’t understand why Negan was allowed to roam free.

Season 11, however, let the characters get closer and closer — at least after Negan dropped her off the train to die. Maggie didn’t trust him, had an eye in the back of her head on him, and was ready to kill him at any moment. When we last saw Negan in episode 9 of season 11, he was following Maggie into the woods. Not to kill her, but to say goodbye.


How can the Maggie-Negan spin-off even happen?

Okay, Maggie will probably turn against the Commonwealth, we know that. Negan might not be a big fan of this autocracy either, since he ruled the Saviors just the same way, if more brutally. He learned this cant be the future. Is that enough of an argument to bring the two together? To refresh the memory: Negan killed Maggie’s husband and the father of her child.

Something violent would have to happen for the two to become allies. A war against former friends, for example. That’s incomprehensible? Don’t worry, here comes the explanation:

Here’s how the spin-off could happen: Alexandria sides with the Commonwealth, Hilltop and Ocean Side do not. Yet some of Hilltop’s residents side with the Commonwealth — A spark that will start the Civil War. We already know that, thanks to the aforementioned post-credit scene from episode 11×9.

Then Negan could side with Hilltop and Maggie. A strong ally, but one she can never fully trust until he proves himself loyal. Maggie could become the new antagonist that our heroes have to eliminate at the end of season 11b.

Conclusion: Negan and Maggie fight together against the Commonwealth, Daryl, Aron and co. They will pretty much lose Hilltop. Some of our heroes should be shaken up enough by this to switch sides and start a revolution together with the working class in the Commonwealth. Maggie and Negan are the good guys again, the rest of the characters are at peace with them.

Why Maggie and Negan then leave the others to go to New York could be for many reasons:

  • They know where Rick and or Michonne is.
  • Maggie has lost trust in her old friends and sees Negan as a new sidekick.
  • They both flee Hilltop right after the fall.
  • There is no spin-off and this is all a lie from AMC (article is in the works)
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What do you think? What is your theory on the upcoming The Walking Dead spin-off about Maggie and Negan. And what will become of Maggie’s son Hershel, and how do you think Negan and Maggie can be reconciled? Drop us a comment or join our growing community!


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