The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes in the Season Finale – Fan Photo Could be Proof

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There is supposed evidence that Rick Grimes is already appearing in the series finale of The Walking Dead. After all, we haven’t seen Rick Grimes in over 4 years and the three solo movies we were promised are a long time coming. But what about those and a series appearance? 

What has happened so far? 

  • Fans of The Walking Dead have been waiting for the return of former series lead Rick Grimes for years. British actor Andrew Lincoln dropped out of the zombie series because the could hardly be with his family in London due to months of filming in Atlanta, USA.
  • At ComicCon 2019, broadcaster AMC announced that there will be three solo movies about Rick Grimes. They should work for newcomers to “The Walking Dead” universe as well as veterans.
  • Nothing was known about an appearance in the series of The Walking Dead until now. Fans were hoping for Rick in the spin-off series World Beyond. However, there was no sign of Rick in the miniseries finale, but we did meet another old acquaintance.

The Walking Dead: When will Rick Grimes return and how certain is the series appearance?

How a photo creates hope: It is only natural that fans wish that Rick Grimes, with whom everything began, also heralds the end of the series. There is now actually evidence for this, such as a fan photo. We see a fan posing for a photo together with Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln).

Well, now it is known that Lincoln and Reedus are also very good friends in the real world. The fact that makes the photo really explosive is the location: namely, the fan met Reedus and Lincoln in Atlanta, Georgia. For those who don’t know, this is where The Walking Dead has been filmed since season 1.

Currently, the third and final part of the final 11th season The Walking Dead is in production there. It would be quite surprising if Andrew Lincoln was only there by chance or for fun.

But we still have to tone down the hope a bit. Lincoln said clearly in 2018 that he would be happy to work in production even after his departure. So Lincoln’s affinity for working behind the camera could also be the reason for his presence.

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus in Atlanta (2022)
More About The Walking Dead

When is he supposed to return? Officially, we still only know that Rick Grimes is supposed to appear in his own film trilogy. Here, then, we’ll probably learn what his time in the CRM was like, why he never returned, and what that made of him. An official description from the showrunner involved, Scott Gimple, states:

“Fans will know what Rick used to be like and wonder how his change in character came about. Non-fans will see a badass and wonder what it used to be like.”

As now the creators of the film together with Andrew Lincoln announced a few months ago, the shooting of the first film has not yet begun. The reason here, as so often, is the Corona pandemic. Optimistically, one looks to the summer of 2022, then the shooting of the first Rick Grimes film should start.

What are your hopes? What do you expect from the final 11th season of The Walking Dead, the spin-offs, or the upcoming movies? Share your thoughts with us in the comments or join our community discord, you’ll find gaming and series fans like you here! We’re looking forward to seeing you.


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