When Does The Walking Dead Season 11 Continue? Trailer Shows Start Date of Episode 9

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There are already a few months break between the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead season 11 A and the upcoming season 11 B. Besides the start date, the trailer reveals some explosive details about the plot of the next 8 episodes.

The final “The Walking Dead” season 11 has already started in the summer of 2021. However, in order not to jam the end of the series, fans can look forward to an excess length of 24 episodes, which will be divided into 3 parts of 8 episodes each.

The finale of the mother series does not mean the end for the franchise. So far, X spin-off series are in the works.

These spin-offs are coming after season 11

  • Fear The Walking Dead
  • Rick Grimes Movies
  • Tales of The Walking Dead
  • The Walking Dead: Dead in The Waters
  • Daryl & Carol
  • Negan’s Spin-Off

When does The Walking Dead season 11 pick up?

The second half of The Walking Dead season 11 kicks off on February 21, 2022, as revealed by the latest trailer for the series. Season 11 C, the last part of the finale will then air in the fall of 2022.

So you won’t have to wait long to sink into the world of living monsters and zombies once again. Fortunately, the aforementioned trailer for season 11 B already reveals what you can expect in the 8 episodes that will soon start airing on Disney+ between February and mid-April.

More About The Walking Dead

Finally, more conflict in season 11 B – This happens

Here’s what the trailer shows: Judith and Gracie are trapped in the basement with zombies threatening their lives. Maggie, Daryl and co. have just barely jumped death by an ancient Chinese rocket launcher from the Kai Shun blade and are now rebelling against the Reapers. We remember Daryl’s great love left him for her “family” after she killed radical leader Pope.

The Commonwealth comes and it stays

The latest The Walking Dead trailer clearly shows: the focus is shifting to the Commonwealth, and no one can escape it. Not only do we see some of our heroes within the walls of the Commonwealth. No, the Commonwealth conversely nests in Alexandria and Hilltop as well.

In the comics, this caused tension, despite sincere help from the Commonwealth. Not least thanks to the leader Pamila Milton, whose son we already got to know as a spoiled a-hole.

Milton, i.e. Mama Milton, also seems to be cracking down with an iron hand in the series and insisting on her methods. But the big villain could be someone else. Her sidekick Lance Hornsby seems to be the real evil so far — we remain intrigued.

The Reapers stay too — at least briefly

The trailer already shows a conflict with Daryl, his love Leah and Carol in the middle of it. There’s not much to see, with Daryl merely yelling “Don’t do it!” before Carol raises her revolver and pulls the trigger.

Some fans on the net already suspect that Carol will kill Leah to get rid of the danger from the Reapers. One point in favor of this is that the spin-off is being called “Daryl and Carol” everywhere — not “Daryl, Carol and Leah.”

That’s what’s happening with Leah

  • Either Leah won’t switch sides and dies: The Reapers are no longer a threat.
  • Or Leah will switch sides (and die): the Reapers are no longer a threat.

Rick Grimes needs to make his entrance

It’s time for former series lead Rick Grimes to find his place again. Michonne is on the lookout for him, she knows he’s alive. Judith is keeping the exact same secret at home in Alexandria, and the trailer for season 11 B of The Walking Dead also features Virgil. This is the man who first showed Michonne that Rick must still be alive.

Hopefully, Rick will at least be mentioned in episode 16 of season 11. Perhaps Judith will reveal to a confidant that Rick is still out there.

After all, the Rick Grimes movies go into production this year and a tie-in to should be best before a first reveal trailer.

We want your opinion!

What are you hoping for in the upcoming season 11 B of The Walking Dead. Do you think Rick Grimes will show up or Judith will mention him. What’s next for Negan and Maggie, and who will end up rebelling against the Commonwealth?

Guided Chief Editor Kevin Willing — that’s me — wants to hear your wildest theories on how things will play out in the second third of The Walking Dead finale here in the comments!


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