The Walking Dead: Season 11 Brings Great Episodes, but Lousy Finale

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Like every Monday, a new episode of The Walking Dead season 11 was released this week. Two episodes remain until the final season is two-thirds over, and yet the series dwells too much on the grandly unnecessary: So why The Walking Dead is great and yet worries me, now!

What is this about? The Walking Dead gets closer to its own finale with every Monday and every new episode. Sure, it kind of continues with all the characters after that, a problem we’ve already talked about as well. But with each new episode, I catch myself thinking, “That was a great episode! If only this wasn’t the finale”.

The Walking Dead approaches a crappy finale with good episodes

Why are the episodes good? In the current episodes, one action scene follows the next major story snippet and vice versa. No more breathing space, no more fillers, everything seems like The Walking Dead is finally going full steam ahead towards the finale. But as good as the pacing of season 11 seems, there’s not much time left to bring all the story threads to a conclusive end.

These stories need space in season 11:

  • Commonwealth Civil War
  • CRM (teaser)
  • Rick Grimes & Michonne
  • War between Commonwealth, Alexandria, Hilltop and Oceanside.
  • New zombie virus
  • Various character plots:
    • Leah and Daryl
    • Carol and Ezekiel
    • Maggie and Negan
    • Negan and Lydia

You may see: that’s a lot of stuff for only 10 episodes left — Two episodes until the mid-season finale!


The problem is greed: in this small number of remaining episodes, it’s difficult to satisfactorily fill in all the stories and story threads about our heroes and bring them to a satisfying conclusion. But that’s not what the AMC channel has in mind. The fates of many characters have already been spoiled by the announcement of various spin-offs.

So we get in the next two years spin-offs to Negan and Maggie, Daryl and Carol, the movies to Rick Grimes, an anthology series and many unnamed projects. So with that, there’s no pressure at all for the writers of The Walking Dead to finish all the stories in the FINALE — Then why have a finale?

Fans have a curious idea: there are no spin-offs!

On the net, the voices of fans are getting louder that they believe there are no spin-offs. According to the theory, AMC is just making up these spin-offs so as not to spoil the grand finale of The Walking Dead. So they could be saying that Maggie and Negan are getting a spin-off to throw the theories about their deaths/fates in the wrong direction.

If that is true, it would be a brilliant move by those responsible. Even then, however, the original problem remains: We won’t get a satisfying ending if The Walking Dead doesn’t step on the gas now.

More about The Walking Dead

That’s what I want: I’ve been watching The Walking Dead for more than 10 years now, and I’ve always looked in, set the alarm, and rooted for it — no matter how bad a season was. I’m certainly not alone in wanting the finale to be great. Series like Game of Thrones have shown that time pressure is poison for a complex story with many characters.

We can only hope that the series finale of The Walking Dead will at least be “okay”. Maybe Fear The Walking Dead will do better and just keep telling the story until everything has been said.

But what do you think, do you think the series finale of The Walking Dead can convince or do you see the approaching end critically? Share your opinion in the comments!



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