Indiefoxx Loses Twitch Partnership: Does That Mean a Perma-Ban?

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Controversial Twitch streamer Indiefoxx, banned for the sixth time in a year, is no longer a Twitch partner or affiliate. Her opponents say: “About time”, we say, that took to long.

What happened? The Twitch streamer Indiefoxx is losing her partnership with Twitch. Her content consisted mostly of ASMR streams that had a lot of bare skin. After her sixth ban in 2021, moderation will probably pull the plug.

Indiefoxx loses Twitch partnership – Also Perma?

Hence the bans: Six bans in six months, well that’s an achievement. The Twitch moderators have banned Indiefoxx several times due to her “open” streaming concept. Twitch users already called that she should be over now three bans ago.

The actual rule is “three strikes, and you’re out”, forever. On the one hand, the fact that no affiliate or partnership is specified on your profile can mean, that she is permanently banned from Twitch. But that doesn’t have to be the case and can simply mean what we see: Indiefoxx is losing its Twitch partnership and affiliate status.

At least, this is what the Twitter user CommanderRoot found out. He rummaged through the HTML code of Indiefoxx’s profile and came across this information:

  • “isAffiliate”: false, (negative)
  • “isPartner”: false (negative)

No more money? According to some users, Indiefoxx has lost all subscribers due to the ban and termination of the Twitch partnership. If so, she will lose several thousand dollars in revenue, purely from the subscriptions.

That’s what the Twitch community says

There are currently only two camps on Twitter. Some are happy that Indiefoxx no longer has a Twitch partnership, others miss their “queen” again. If we take it very carefully, then there are the users who demand more. Some users urge a permanent ban.

What do you think? Do you think it’s unfair to end Indiefoxx’s Twitch partnership? Tell us your opinion in the comments, no registration is necessary!

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