xQc banned from GTA-RP: But it’s Not Like You Might Think

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The Twitch Streamer xQc was banned from one of the largest GTA-RP servers due to trolling. But xQc and many others misunderstand the ban.

What happened? Canadian Twitch streamer xQc is a little celebrity when it comes to trolling. With his energetic, exuberant manner, he already delights tens of thousands of viewers. After this had already led to discussions on the Rust Streamer Server, xQc has now also been banned on the largest GTA-RP server “NoPixel“.

xqc banned

That’s why xQc was (not) permanently banned from GTA-RP

What did he do? During the stream last night he was banned from one of the largest GTA-RP servers NoPixel. The reason for this is VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch), which he exercised on other players.

Vehicle Deathmatch describes, among other things, running over, starting or ramming players on foot, in a vehicle or in an airplane. According to its own information, xQc knew nothing about this rule. After reading the message while trying to join NoPixel, he said:

“Yes, I broke the rules. I said that I would not commit any more VDM and I sincerely and seriously showed remorse. (…) I didn’t know that you shouldn’t ram other players in the RP context.”

This is misunderstood: While the xQc was actually banned from the GTA-RP server, contrary to current opinions, this is not permanent. An admin commented on this in his own stream and made it clear that the Twitch star is not locked for life. The only thing Felix (xQc real name) had to do is to respond to an email from the admin team.

Once that’s done and the team has spoken out with xQc, Felix is allowed to participate in the game again. Unfortunately, the streamer slept through it. The extent to which it lasts that he doesn’t start trolling again is up to your imagination.


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