Arma Reforger Gets Big Update With New Map & Game Mode

Published: Dec. 01, 2022
Updated: Dec. 01, 2022

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Arma Reforger gets the first big update since its release, and it brings a huge amount of new content, including a new map, weapons & game modes! We reveal all the content that is included in the Ground Support Update of Arma Reforger!

The update at a glance: After the surprising release of Arma Reforger in May 2022, the enthusiasm of many players quickly froze. Because apart from nicer graphics, Arma Reforger simply didn't offer enough. The developers are now countering this -- probably true -- point of criticism about half a year later with the first major content update, and its patch notes are chock-full.

  • New weapons & attachments
  • New missions & game modes
  • New map "Arland"
  • Improved scenario framework, healing system and much more.

These are the most important innovations in the Arma Reforger update "Ground Support

The three most important new features of the current update are probably the new map, weapons and missions, which we will be able to play soon. But when does it actually start? The content from the update for Arma Reforger will be playable from December 01 at 15:00 CET.

This is the new map, Arland

Arland is the new island in Arma Reforger and is playable separately from the main map Everon. Arland is 16 km² in size and offers a similar environment, flora and fauna as Everon itself. Comparable to the map Stratis and Limnos from Arma 3, the new map is divided into military zone and two civilian villages. For the new terrain in Arma Reforger, the team has even adapted the Conflict game mode once again according to the size of the map.

Key features of Arland:

  • Large airfield and military base in the northwest.
  • Village in the northeast.
  • Village in the east.
  • 148 meter high mountain dividing the island.
  • Radio station on top of the mountain.
  • Small neighboring island.
  • Hidden places for you to explore.

An overview of the new map Arland in Arma Reforger.

What does the new game mode "Combat Ops" offer?

In this new cooperative game mode of Arma Reforger, a maximum of six players compete together against the AI. At the start of each round, three different missions and tasks are placed on the map for you to complete. Once you have completed these missions, you must then make it to a randomly placed exfiltration point alive. While Combat Ops is meant to appeal to co-op fans, you can also play the mode completely solo!

The new weapons & attachments in the Reforger update

A total of two new guns have made it into Arma Reforger's Ground Support Update. Both weapons are loaded with 7.62x39 mm ammo and are intended for the FIA side:

  • SA-58P
  • SA-58V

In addition, there is a new attachment for the Blufor side of Arma Reforger. You can now equip your M16 with a carry handle scope. This option was previously only available as a modification for Reforger.


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More new stuff, changes and more in the patch notes of the arma reforger update

  • Scenario Framework - Combat Ops has been created using the new Scenario Framework, which shall be immensely helpful to the community scenario designers. This new function will allow users to create their own scenarios in Workbench while possessing minimal scripting knowledge - an easier way to create.
  • Damage and Healing Logic - The system of bleeding, healing, and injuries has received quite an overhaul, including a rework of the structure of consumable items. Game Masters can also adjust the health setting in the scenario properties or from the context menu on characters.
  • In-game Session Hosting (PC) - The game can host multiplayer sessions on a local machine, allowing players to host and play the session. Network configuration (for example, opening ports on a router) is still up to the user.
  • Driving Manual - The realistic features of operating vehicles have been expanded. The option to use a manual gearbox in vehicles (where it's available) was added, and the game won't turn off the engine now while getting out of the vehicle. HUD elements for vehicles were enhanced by adding lights, handbrakes, and other indicators.
  • Encumbrance of Characters - The weight of each cartridge is now added to the magazine weight. This has an effect on stamina and should force players to be even more considerate about their loadouts.
  • Video Graphics Settings (Xbox) - The developers listened to players' feedback about performance problems on Xbox. This version brings updated graphics settings for Xbox, which should help achieve stable performance on all versions of the console.
  • Voting Improvements - Voting should be much easier now with the addition of a key to instantly cast a vote for an ongoing vote. Players can now only vote to kick a player of the same faction.
  • Other Improvements - Network traffic optimizations, audio sound changes, tweaked controls, AI perception improvements, quality of life changes, and more.
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