Battlefield 2042: Season 2 Brings New Weapons, Vehicles & Operators with Master of Arms

Published: Aug. 30, 2022
Updated: Aug. 30, 2022

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The first season of Battlefield 2042 is over and season two starts today. What is hidden in the 7GB update for the second Battlefield season: Master of Arms, we show you now.

New Battlefield map: Stranded

The new map Stranded takes you to a parched desert lake in Panama. You'll fight, as in Laid Down, in and around a grounded container ship that houses an arms-trafficking headquarters.

The map is divided into three areas, according to the developer: The northern and southern areas are more open, while you can expect close quarters of action in the central area.


Neuer Spezialist: Charlie Crawford

You can now go into action as new specialist Charlie Crawford and support your team with his Mounted Vulcan to build a stable defense for you and your team.

Mounted Vulcan? The Mounted Vulcan is a stationary minigun with immense firepower and is particularly effective against infantry and light vehicles.


New vehicle: EBLC-RAM

The EBLC-RAM is a maneuverable-armored reconnaissance and assault vehicle designed for ambush attacks on the enemy. You can place a beacon on the battlefield for your team members to access. In addition, the EBLC-RAM is equipped with an active protection system to intercept approaching anti-vehicle weapons. This makes the EBLC-RAM perfect for frontal attacks on the enemy.


All the New Weapons in Battlefield 2042 Season 2

A new assault rifle, LMG, secondary weapon, and concussion grenade are available to you starting today.

  • AM40: The AM40 is designed for close combat and gives you MP-sized assault rifle performance. It is a versatile and controllable weapon that is particularly effective at short distances thanks to its powerful performance.
  • Avancys: The Avancys is much lighter than any other LMG, yet offers plenty of firepower and adaptability.
  • PF51: The PF51 has a P90 magazine and can fire fully automatically.
  • Concussion Grenade: There is also a new gadget, the Concussion Grenade.
  • M60: This LMG variant has a shortened barrel, lighter weight and higher reliability. It has an erectable bipod.
  • M16A3: This assault rifle has an improved rail system and can fire automatically and semi-automatically.

New Weapons for Battlefield Portal Mode:

In addition to the new weapons already mentioned, there are other weapons available for the Battlefield Portal range.

  • M2 Carbine: The M2 has full-auto and semi-auto modes and has a 30-round magazine.
  • Bren LMG: This fully automatic British assault rifle uses the same ammunition as the BAR 1918 and has a top-mounted magazine.
  • M95: .50 caliber, cylinder breech mounted sniper rifle.
  • M249 SAW: A 5.56-round LMG.
  • AEK-971: Fully automatic assault rifle with 30-round capacity with low dispersion and decent recoil.


New Battle Pass for Battlefield 2042 Season 2

Season 2's Battle Pass gives you 100 new hardware, cosmetic and player card objects to scout for. New content like the specialist, weapons and vehicles are available for free in the Battle Pass.

Update 2.0: New features and changes

The new Battlefield update not only brings the new season, but also includes other adjustments and changes:

  • A new start screen has been added and now gives you a neat overview of all game modes.
  • Rush returns permanently as a game mode.
  • Stealth helicopters have received further balancing adjustments.
  • Assault rifles & MGs receive adjustments to head hit multipliers.
  • In Breakthrough and Rush, teams are now automatically switched at the end of a round.
  • Battlefield Portal's Builder is now available as a new Conquest mode with customizable options for
  • Conquest points and more rules.
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