DayZ Esseker Update 0.58: Better PvP, Military Base Removed & New Area

Published: Jul. 20, 2021
Updated: Jul. 20, 2021

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Once again, one of the most beautiful DayZ maps "Esseker" gets a rejuvenation treatment with update 0.58, because not only is there something new to marvel at, things are also changing in terms of gameplay and PvP.

The update at a glance: DayZ Esseker gets another update, and the developers are trying as hard as ever. Patch 0.58 not only contains some cosmetic novelties on Esseker, but also changes the way you do PvP here. (Last DayZ Esseker Update)

DayZ Esseker Update 0.58 - Spawn Cities Now Safe!

Military disappears: One of the biggest changes is likely to be the removal of Igman Military. This base has so far provided many Bambis with high-grade military loot - that was once upon a time.

The developers removed Igman as it attracted a lot of Bambis due to its proximity to the spawn towns. They quickly packed themselves full of guns and then shot other fresh spawns on the way to Esseker City.

So that this doesn't happen anymore, there is now a camp site at Igman's old location that provides mixed loot. So "Igman" still serves as a good first point of contact, but you don't get any AK or M4 anymore.

Large monument accessible: You can explore the monument "Memoria Titanis" in the north of Esseker. Seen from the outside, the monument looks like a heap of gigantic stone heads. Only inside does the real secret reveal itself.


Better PvP in Esseker: The DayZ Esseker Update 0.58 doesn't leave out the capital, either. The roofs have been redesigned again and shouldn't just look better: They should improve PvP.

  • New cover options in the city, on bridges and roofs.
  • More overgrowth to break the clear view of some locations.
  • New building compounds near the pedestrian bridge in Esseker town
  • Adjustments on the riverside
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Further changes in Esseker Update 0.58

  • Kozara radio station revised
  • Missing textures and clipping errors on the map improved
  • Esseker hiking maps are now in many villages.
  • Reworked trees on hills and slopes, now look more realistic


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