DayZ Meets Stranger Things: Namalsk Update Opens Portal Into Another Dimension

Published: Aug. 19, 2021
Updated: Aug. 19, 2021

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DayZ Namalsk gets a new update that takes you into another dimension. But what changes through this?

Namalsk developer Adam "Sumrak" Francu shared a teaser on the upcoming content update of his mod via YouTube. The biggest change is a new area. This region is not just a new map section, but a whole a new world.

EVR Sturm creates interdimensional portal on Namalsk

What is an EVR storm? If you've visited Namalsk before, you've probably noticed violent storms. They announce themselves through loud children's calls. As the storm approaches, your screen first turns sepia, then into a deep yellow. If you haven't looked for a shelter, the EVR storm will knock you out. A few seconds to minutes later do you wake up injured.

The storm is just a by-product of a much bigger event. In a certain place on Namalsk (Athena-1) a round purple to black sphere appears. The something surrounded by lightning is a portal that actually transports you to another dimension if you should walk through it.

In the current version of DayZ Namalsk, the portal only takes you to a random position on the map.


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New update, new dimension: In the teaser for tomorrow's update of DayZ Namalsk you can see the portal at the end. A player walks through it and ends up in the same place, but with one difference: it is the same place, but not the same dimension. Veterans of DayZ and Arma should already know them from mentions from the Arma 2: Namalsk Crisis Story.

What else do we know about the update? So far, the portal seems to be the big headline feature. Other changes are likely to be bug fixes and minor adjustments. It is still unclear whether there will be more tangible content.

Tomorrow, on August 19, 2021, the 2 big DayZ Namalsk update will be released, then we will surely know more. To make sure you don't miss out, you can join our community on Twitter.

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